Audrey and Gage

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the mountains!! Telluride, CO!

How We Met

Gage and I have known each other since Kindergarten. I finally stopped being too cool and started paying attention to him when we were in 10th grade. I so wish I had paid attention to him sooner because he is the most incredible person I know. We were best friends until we finally started dating our senior year of high school! We have done so much life together since then, and we can’t wait to spend forever together!!!

Proposal Ideas In the mountains!! Telluride, CO!

How They Asked

Our favorite place in the world is Telluride, CO. We have so many special family memories there, but this one tops them all!! I thought we were taking family Christmas card pictures, but Gage had other plans! The photographer wanted to take pictures of each couple. When it was our turn, I turned around and Gage was down on one knee!!!! It was the most special moment in the most special place. When we came inside, Gage’s entire family had flown out to Telluride to surprise us! It was the icing on the cake to the most perfect day!

Special Thanks

Mary Kenez
 | Photographer