Audrey and Francisco

How We Met: We met working at Trader Joe’s! He was so persistent to win me over but it took about 6 months until I finally said yes to a date! He took me out to coffee just about everyday before work and ice cream after work.

how they asked: I was at work and not having a very great day. I got off at 10PM and tried to call Francisco but he hadn’t answered any of my calls or texts all day. I raced home (about a 25 minute commute) and walked in the front door. To my surprise, there was a box on the ground that said “Keep on smiling the best is yet to come,” and it had different little gifts in it that I had been wanting for a long time, then there was a sign that said “Follow the road, there is more” with a long trail of roses leading through the house.


Where to Propose in in the backyard of my parents house

Proposal Ideas in the backyard of my parents house

As I followed the hand-picked roses to the back door, I couldn’t stop smiling, I was thinking he set up a fancy dinner for me in the backyard or something.

Bride's Proposal in in the backyard of my parents house

Marriage Proposal Ideas in in the backyard of my parents house

I walk out onto the deck to see the entire backyard lit with white christmas lights and 100 candles set along the stairway to the area he was standing. As I walked down the stairs, the words “Will you marry me?” were leading the way!



It was the most romantic thing I’ve seen in my life. I quickly made my way to him where he was standing with a map that showed where we met.


He got down on one knee and I have no idea what he said, but I said yes! My parents were standing in the background watching the whole time so they came over to celebrate with us. It was the best day of my life.