Audrey and Chris

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Zionsville, Indiana

How We Met

Chris and I met on the last day of law school orientation. I saw him at dinner and immediately thought he was cute, but he seemed really quiet and serious. I only got a couple sentences out of him before he left the group after dinner and disappeared. Later, everyone was at a local bar and he suddenly reappeared out of nowhere. He came over to me and said, “I don’t really feel like talking to any of these people…can I sit here with you instead?” That line probably wouldn’t have worked on most people, but as a shy person myself I was totally okay with it! We sat and talked and laughed for hours before he walked me to my car. As luck would have it, we turned out to be in the same section and had every single class together our first year. We quickly became best friends, always getting lunch and studying together, and eventually began dating. It’s not always easy going to law school with your significant other, but we make it work and have been together ever since!

how they asked

Chris spent months planning a proposal for a weekend that we would be in his hometown for a concert. The day before the concert, his family wanted to take us to a nice brunch because his sister and her boyfriend were also in town. There had been a big ice storm the day before, but we left the house in Chris’s truck…and promptly crashed into his neighbor’s mailbox. When Chris got out to inform the family about their destroyed mailbox, he slipped and fell flat on his back onto the ice. After I got him up (nearly slipping and falling myself), we went back to his parent’s house. To my surprise, they were still determined to go to brunch in spite of Chris thinking he might have a concussion! Chris dusted himself off, took some ibuprofen, and we got back in the car. We got to the restaurant without smashing any more mailboxes and the hostess said she had a place for us to wait until the rest of our party arrived. Chris and I walked upstairs to a smaller room that was complete with candles, a roaring fire, champagne, and flowers. Chris got down on one knee (very slowly!) and said “I had all these words to say, but I just can’t think of them right now. Will you marry me?” After I said yes, we laughed about how crazy our day was and how it wouldn’t be us if everything had gone according to plan. The neighbor’s mailbox is fixed, Chris doesn’t have a concussion, and we’re engaged!

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