Audrey and Chad

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Chad and I had our college senior pictures taken by the same photographer, him in the fall and mine in the spring During my session some of the pictures she took of us together got deleted. She felt terrible about it, so to make up for the lost pictures she asked if we wanted to do a fun shoot for free over the summer. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to dress up and take fun pictures, so in June her and I set up a time to do them at he end of the month, and knowing that they were my favorite flower, Chad suggested we start at a field of wild sunflowers he passes everyday going to work. Then sometime between her and I setting up the appointment and that last weekend of June he filled her in on his plan to propose so she was completely in on the whole thing while I remained blissfully unaware. After being at the field for only a few minute she “went to get something from her car” which was Chads cue to get down on his knee and change our lives for the better! I cannot wait for a lifetime of of love and surprises with him.

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Special Thanks

Ashton Steele
 | Photographer