Audrey and Cameron

How We Met

Cameron and I met in 2015 at Central Michigan University in COM 365, I had always found Cameron very attractive, but we did not date then. After college, Cameron had lived in multiple different places, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and LA, and I had moved to Arizona. We followed each other on social media but did not keep in touch after graduation. I never thought I’d see his handsome face again.

In July of 2018, Cameron had moved back to Michigan and ironically my job brought me back to Michigan in August. Still never thought we would cross paths. I started clicking “interested” on Facebook events in the area for new things to do. Cameron started clicking “interested” on all of the same events, smooth right? Haha! One day he decided to message me and ask if we were gonna go to one of these events together. I responded saying that would be fun! And that was sort of the end of the convo.

THE VERY NEXT DAY I had been downtown Detroit with a couple of girlfriends, we went to see Kevin Hart at the little Caesars arena and afterward, we decided to grab drinks at a bar downtown. We couldn’t decide where we wanted to go, but my friend’s feet were hurting her from the high heels she was wearing. Because of this, we went into a random bar that was nearby so she could take her shoes off. As soon as we walked in, I saw the back of a man’s head who was sitting at the bar and I said: “oh my gosh, I know him!” My friend encouraged me to go say hi! I came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and sure enough!! It was CAMERON!!! He must’ve had a really memorable back of his head, don’t ask me how I knew it was him. the handsome face I never thought I would see again, was right in front of me!! The rest was history. We now frequent that random bar, Cornerstone. The place it all started!

How They Asked

February 1st, 2020, Cameron put together the most dreamy day. I was completely shocked!! I thought we were going downtown to celebrate his sister’s birthday. We get downtown and are walking to the restaurant when Cameron starts asking me if I know how much I meant to him and telling me I make him a better person. Slightly confused, I ask him where this is coming from and remind him how much he also means to me. Next thing I know, we turn the corner where this beautiful alleyway is decorated with rose petals, candles, roses, and standing next to everything were two violinists. At this moment I realize what is happening and they start playing the song “love someone” by Lukas Graham, as Cameron gets down on one knee and I’m bouncing up and down with excitement!! The violinists then start playing “marry you” by Bruno Mars as Cameron asks me to spend the rest of our lives together!! I say YES!!! And before I know it all of our friends and family come running around the corner! And THIS is our real-life fairytale!!

Audrey's Proposal in Detroit Michigan

Where to Propose in Detroit Michigan

Audrey and Cameron's Engagement in Detroit Michigan

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