Audrey and Brian

how we met

In college, we just so happened to move into houses on the same street. We met at one of Audrey’s house parties, and were friends for a long time afterward. After a few years of knowing each other, things finally lined up, and our romantic relationship came to fruition!

how they asked

We were on a long road trip through the southern California coast. We had stopped at a few destinations, went to Warped Tour, and finally reached our last stop at Manhattan Beach. My (Brian’s) plan was to propose on the beach after a nice dinner at sunset. On our walk over to our 7PM reservation, I realized that the sun actually sets around then (who’d have thought?!), so I casually said, “Hey, do you wanna take a walk on the beach real quick?”Audrey said yes, and I was able to surprise her with the proposal I’d planned.What followed was an excellent dinner, with really really nice champagne.

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