Audrey and Austin

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How We Met

I still remember spotting Austin as he walked into the Sky Bar Cafe. It was our senior year at Auburn University and we were spending our Saturday night at the most popular spot in our college town. I leaned over to my friend and whispered: “that boy is so cute!”. I could tell Austin noticed me too because we kept making eye contact throughout the night. It wasn’t but a couple of hours later, I looked up across the room to see Austin waving to me with a big smile on his face.

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Confused and hesitant, I waved back. Austin walked over to me, sat down, and stuck out his hand and said: “hey I’m Austin, what’s your name?” We talked for a while until my friends came over and said we were leaving to go home. Austin made sure to ask for my number before I left. A couple of weeks went by and I got a text asking if he could pick me up after class and take me to lunch. After that date, we began spending our free time together as if we’ve known each other for years. Now, look where we are!

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How They Asked

After we graduated from Auburn University, Austin got a job in Florence, SC and I moved back home to Mobile, AL. To continue seeing each other, we’d meet in the middle on weekends at Austin’s parent’s lake house on Lake Martin. We both love spending time outdoors and frequently go on hikes to the Smith Mountian Fire Tower.

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One evening, Austin asked if I’d like to go to the tower. This time, however, he wanted to bring some wine and watch the sun go down. Little did I know he had something more than just a date planned! After proposing, he also surprised me with my family who lives in Mobile, AL. It was so special being at “our spot” when he asked!

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