Audreana and Peter

How We Met

Audre and I met, October 26,2013 in Austin, Tx. It was Halloween weekend. I was dressed as Blankman and her a cocktail waitress. We played beer pong and other games that I let her We immediately hit it off and our friends noticed a chemistry between us that we had not yet realized was there. The funny thing about it all, when I met Audre that night for some strange reason I had visions of her being my wife. It was extremely creepy to me at the time but I understand it now.


how they asked

The Proposal Set Up: So Audre told me weeks before V-Day that she just wanted to relax and watch movies. I agreed but had something else up my sleeve. I told Audre that we might have brunch at the Capitol but thats it. (There was never a brunch at the Capitol and I’m glad she didn’t google it.) So I knew I wanted to propose on the walkway of the Capitol but wanted to add some extra pieces to the puzzle. I contacted Drew Pierce, an amazing singer and guitarist, to see if he could provide some tunes. I wanted him to be there in the walkway just randomly playing as we approached. I told him I would come up to him as if I was just a stranger requesting a song for him and his girlfriend. Drew agreed to play along and said he would sing and play Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud”. Then I contacted my good friend Amy Parks, because I knew I wanted some amazing photos to forever remember the moment. Amy also agreed to play along and act as if she was “randomly” in the area. Audre’s family and mine would hide on the east end of the Capitol and once we started dancing with her back to where they would come from, they were to walk up slowly approaching us. Each of the women in attendance carried a white rose as well! My brother Nicholas did an amazing job coordinating everything and getting everybody in position for our arrival.


Audre and I walked around the East side of the Capitol, her still believing we were there for brunch. So once we reached the front walkway of the Capitol, Drew was strumming his guitar directly across from a vacant bench. There was a cop randomly standing next to it as if he knew this was happening and had it reserved for us. Now that I think about it, it was probably the cop that almost arrested Nick for hiding too well on Capitol grounds, probably because there was also a marathon happening a block over. (The cops were cool about it and let him continue without any trouble, thank God.) So we sat down and thats where the video begins. Audre begged me to not bother the “man with the guitar” and leave him alone. But I’m sure she’s ok with it now. My go pro hero 4 was perfect for the moment and Audre assumed I had it because I just opened it the night before! Thanks to everybody that helped make this a moment we will never forget and cherish forever!!!



Our Video

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Special Thanks

Amy Parks
Drew Pierce