Audra and Brian

how we met

We first met on a competition BBQ team. Brian had been on the team for several years before I joined. My best friend had convinced me to join the team with her, since she was already a member. At one of the Christmas parties, we started talking and finding out more about each other. From there we texted for about 10 months before we went our first date!

how they asked

We were going camping in Fruita last April and Brian was driving and had asked me to bring up the directions on his phone, which I did. However, when I did that, I saw his last trip was to ShaneCo. I didn’t really think anything about it after that. The next day I went for a bike ride and then we went for a hike on a trial called Mary’s Loop in the Kokopelli area. Brian kept asking me what my favorite spot was, I didn’t really have one, it’s all beautiful. So finally, we stopped at an overlook and that is when he popped the question.

Special Thanks

Golden Gate Canyon State Park
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