Audra and Andy; San Francisco Proposal Story

how they asked: Thursday, Andy and I were in San Francisco planning to drive down to San Jose to visit Andy’s brother via Los Altos, CA which is where he grew up. He had said he wanted to show me some special landmarks along the way that were significant in his childhood, (the house he grew up in, old school etc.) The drive was beautiful and scenic and it was a great morning!

Around 2 PM though, we ate a huge Mexican lunch and I was laden with food coma. Andy begged me to perk up as there were only two more spots he wanted to show me. I was being a brat. I just wanted to stay in the car and nap and had no energy to walk around. But, as Andy was digging around the trunk for his sweater (and my ring apparantley,) I started to feel bad and figured I may as well be a good sport and go for the walk.

And there in the beautiful redwood forest where Andy used to play as a kid, in a secluded spot in the shade of a tree, he sweetly and romantically popped the question (on one knee of course.) He says I had a frozen blank expression for a good 10 seconds before I said “No way really?!!!” and then of course “YES!” Hooray!

<—–Didn’t he do a good job on the ring!? That was all him- I didn’t have any input but I really love it. Especially since he made it from his Mom’s engagement and wedding rings, so sentimental :)

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