Aubrianna and Jereme

How We Met

I was living with one of my best friends at the time, Christina—which was Jereme’s classmate in PT school. While Jereme was in grad school, he would always go over to my house to study. Jereme knew I was at the same college football game as him so he hunted me down at the tailgate. He got my number, but I gave him the wrong number! So he had to get it from Christina! We went on lots of dates and after a trip to Cabo San Lucas, I finally said yes to being his girlfriend. He is my first boyfriend!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cuatro Cuatros Bar Valle De Guadalupe

Aubrianna's Proposal in Cuatro Cuatros Bar Valle De Guadalupe

How They Asked

A trip to Mexico was planned months in advance with my siblings and significant others. I was most excited about the day trip to the wine country in the Valle de Guadalupe. A trip I had experienced a year before for my birthday that Jereme planned and surprised me. This year’s trip to the Valle, I was stoked it was already all planned out. That Saturday morning, on June 1st, I was on cloud nine, I was so excited for the day. I told Jereme in the van “I love this place, can we do this every year.” Our first stop was Cuatro Cuatros Bar, which is known for the breathtaking views of the ocean. Jereme had invited his family for the day to join us; with no hesitation I was excited if they were able to come. Jereme played it off that he didn’t know if they were coming or not and hadn’t heard from them. So when I saw them at the bar, I thought they were surprising Jereme! Everyone was dressed in Hawaiian, which is a classic plan Jereme would make. I just so happened to wear Hawaiian too! I love to take pictures on vacation so Jereme used this to his advantage, and hired a private photographer in order to lure everyone to the perfect scenic location for the proposal to take place. I thought the photographers were with the venue because it was pretty boujie. My older brother also tried to tell them we didn’t need there service. So many clues, but yet no idea what was coming next! Each couple took turns taking a picture with the photographer, with Jereme and I being the last to go. As we walked to the perfect spot, everyone began to take their phones to start recording what was about to happen! A few pictures were taken, and then Jereme turned to me and asked to take a silly photo. I was so confused because Jereme does not ask to take silly photos. So I jumped into his arms and we took a photo. Then he turned me again and got down on one knee…at that moment I thought to myself, “there is no way he has a ring in his pocket,” but he did and he asked me to marry him. It was the most perfect ring, the most perfect moment, and I got to celebrate with everyone!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cuatro Cuatros Bar Valle De Guadalupe

Aubrianna and Jereme's Engagement in Cuatro Cuatros Bar Valle De Guadalupe

Special Thanks

David Torralva
 | Photographer