Aubriana and Alex

Image 5 of Aubriana and Alex

How We Met

When I was in college in Reno, my roommate, Jen, and her boyfriend, Joe, kept telling me about the boyfriends’ best friend and how we were perfect for each other. At the time, I already had a boyfriend but they were persistent in saying that Alex was THE ONE. They used to send him Snapchat’s of me just around the house even though he and I had never even met. Alex at the time was living in San Francisco going to school. So for one Halloween, we threw a party at our house and Alex came to visit. He ended up bringing his friend along with him. The day before the party, Jen and I went to go say hi to the guys at the skatepark. That’s when Alex and I officially met. Very undramatic to be honest. I had a boyfriend at the time so if anything it was just weird for us to meet! The next day during the Halloween party, Alex’s friend tried flirting with me, and I, being the awkward person I am, kind of just laughed it off and didn’t really respond. Alex saw that as me being interested in his friend so he decided to kind of give us space for the evening. Flash forward a year. Alex and I haven’t talked, Jen and Joe still kept making comments about us and would still send Snapchat to Alex, but that was all. I had broken up with the previous boyfriend and was casually dating.

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One day, my brother, who is a video game designer, had his newest video game released. I was so excited that I shared a picture of him on my Snapchat and decided to send it to every nerd I knew in hopes that someone would appreciate it! That happened to include Alex. For some reason, he still doesn’t know why, Alex responded to the Snapchat asking me about the game. That quickly led to more personal conversations and pretty quickly we were talking every day on Snapchat. His way of asking me out was through us joking on Snapchat about us fighting and me saying I would win because I’m feisty. He asked me to make a bet on it and if he won then I would have to go on a date with him. He asked me what I wanted if I won, so I told him that if I won he’d have to take me on a date. Pretty clever, I know. We lived a few hours from each other so for our first date he got an Airbnb in the area so that he could take me out and not have to leave early in the evening to drive home. His car ended up breaking down so many times that he was 3 hours late for our first date! On top of that, we ordered an Uber to take us to dinner and it took us to the wrong location! The driver saw the name of the restaurant and just assumed they were going to the closest one. That lead to us having dinner in a different area, seeing a mini-golf course next door, and spontaneously deciding to change our plans and go play mini-golf. From there, our relationship never seemed to get any less weird or unexpected, but that’s perfect for us.

How They Asked

A few weeks before my mom’s birthday, my Dad decided he wanted to throw my mom a surprise party. My brother and sister-in-law were planning on coming up from Southern California to surprise her. I had suggested that they come and visit me in the Bay Area for the weekend and we could surprise her here. Little did I know that as soon as Alex realized my whole family would be in the same city as his family for a weekend, he knew this was the time he would propose. Within minutes of making the plans with my dad on the phone, Alex was in the other room on the phone with my brother starting to talk logistics. My parents and other brother came into town on a Friday and my brother and sister-in-law had planned on getting into town late that night.

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We had the weekend planned out for us to have dinner the next night with Alex’s family so that both of our entire families could get together and everyone could formally meet. I never thought anything of this as it made sense to me. That night we surprised my mom with my brother and sister-in-law showing up at their hotel pretending to be a “surprise birthday treat through door dash”. The following day, my brother had suggested we start the day with some outside activity since a lot of our plans for the rest of the day involved eating. I thought it was a little random of a request since we had already planned out the day but went along with the plan.

Image 4 of Aubriana and Alex

Alex suggested we go to Lake Vasona where we could walk around and even rent some paddle boards for a little bit. I thought that was even more random, but my family all liked the idea so I just continued to go along with it. When we arrived at the lake, we started walking and Alex pointed to a map to see where we wanted to go. My whole family started walking towards it, but Alex quickly started walking a different way towards a bridge. He motioned for me to follow him so I did. It was when we were on the bridge that he proposed.

Image 5 of Aubriana and Alex

Once I said yes, I heard screams from all around and looked and saw not just my family all watching from the side but on the other side of the bridge was his whole family too! His dad even hid in the bushes with his professional camera to get pictures of the whole thing! A whole lot went into the planning in only a few weeks but it all went so well and I couldn’t have asked for a better moment. The rest of the day celebrating with both our families and eating great food was the icing on the cake. It was truly the best day of my entire life.