Aubrey and Zack

How We Met

Zack and I met a little over 4 years ago on Tinder! We both swiped right and are officially each other’s perfect match!

How They Asked

The day after Christmas, my Mom had a family photoshoot planned as a gift for my Grandmother who was visiting from out of town for the holidays. It was just my Mom, Dad, 3 little brothers, my Grandma, my boyfriend Zack, and myself. Little did I know that Zack had messaged the photographer ahead of time letting her know he wanted to propose to me with my whole family there and wanted her to capture his entire proposal on camera!

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Aubrey and Zack's Engagement in Elko, Minnesota

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Elko, Minnesota

Aubrey's Proposal in Elko, Minnesota

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Elko, Minnesota

Proposal Ideas Elko, Minnesota

After we had done some family pictures, the photographer asked to do a couple of pictures of just Zack and I. He had his coat on at the time, so when he went to take it off, I was waiting to talk to my Dad. I turned around to see if he was ready yet, and I look and see him down on one knee! With tears rolling down my cheeks, makeup all over my face, and the biggest smile I’ve ever had, I said, “YES!”

I was so surprised and overwhelmed with love knowing that the most important people in my life got to be there to watch it happen, and that I have the most magical moment in my life photographed! 12/26/2019

Special Thanks

Calinn Green
 | Photographer