Aubrey and Parker

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After a long 9 months of deployment, the day had come where I got to finally see my handsome man again. I waited impatiently for hours and finally at 3:30 in the morning we got the heads up that their planes had landed and the soldiers would be reunited with all the families extremely soon. So many emotions were running through me that I couldn’t think straight.

I was nervous to see him again and anxious from waiting for so long for this moment; and most of all I was so full of happiness. I started crying even before he was released to come over to me. The second he laid eyes on me he threw all of his bags down and came full on running towards me! I thought he was gonna knock me over he was running so fast but he picked me up and spun me around!

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Once my feet hit the ground he kissed me and said, “I love you Aubrey Raquel Mokma and you are truly the most amazing!” I felt him reach down in his pocket as we were still hugging and then in a split second he dropped down to one knee and said “Will you marry me?” Of course I said “YESS!!!”

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That moment was truly the most amazing from finally now having him home and the proposal made it even more worth remembering. He had that ring hidden for 7 months in Afghanistan and all of his friends and both sets of our parents were in on the secret! He FaceTimed my parents a month before he got home to ask for their permission which melted my heart finding that out after all was said and done.

I had hired a photographer for his homecoming and thank goodness I did because she caught the proposal perfectly! That moment will forever be replayed in my mind! We then arrived back in our home town and called our parents to meet us at the courthouse and we got married 12 hours after he got home and proposed! That day was full of so much happiness and our anniversary has such a great story to one day tell our kids.

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