Aubrey and Nate

IMG_8395How we met: Nate and I met when we were pretty young- 15 and 17. We met through some common friends and family friends, and hung out a few times over the next few years. Every time I was around Nate, he always made me laugh. He was hilarious! We were pretty young, and stayed distant friends for a while, but always had so much fun when we were together! A few years down the road, when I was 18 and he was 20, we reconnected and we were inseparable! We did everything together: cook, go grocery shopping, watch movies, and our favorite show, The Office! Over the next few months we fell deeply in love- but there was one problem. I was about to go to college in UTAH! We were in Missouri, and the distance seemed daunting. Luckily, we made it through our time apart. Not to say it wasn’t difficult- it was. But this man stuck by my side every step of the way and encouraged me to do what made me happy. While I was away in Utah, I had a pretty good time, but I figured out that what made me happy was him. I mentioned maybe applying to some nursing schools closer to St. Louis, but didn’t want to make a big deal out of it until I was sure that I was accepted. So, I applied for nursing school at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, and waited what seemed like forever to hear back. Finally, around mid march, I found out that I had been accepted! I could be home for good, with the people I loved most. So the countdown began, and once I finished finals in April, I headed home- for GOOD! After being apart for what seemed like forever (with a few short visits, of course), we were actually going to be able to see each other whenever we wanted! I came home a few days earlier than expected, and surprised Nate outside of his last class of the day. Our relationship took off even stronger than before, and we loved it.

how they asked: Well, my birthday was coming up- May 31st. He told me he had some fun plans for us, things I loved to do, like paddle boating with my family, eating sushi, and going to a pottery painting place. The day started off with some awesome root beer floats at Fitz’s, and then we went paddle boating with my parents! We had so much fun, it was unbelievable. We went to eat sushi, and then went to the zoo. Once it started getting dark, Nate told me he had a surprise for me. I had no idea what it could have been, but he quickly followed up with something along the lines of “It’s a glowing lantern! We’re going to make one tonight and so that we can throw it into the air. I know you’ve always wanted to do that.”. I was ecstatic! I loved the glowing lanterns, call me childish, but ever since I saw the movie “Tangled”, I’ve always wanted to try! Nate had been recording the whole day, because he wanted to “document my birthday”, so I wasn’t suspecting at all when he said he wanted to record us releasing the lantern. We had a bit of a difficult time trying to get it to catch fire and fill up enough to float.. but finally, we decided to go ahead and try it! I counted to three and we threw it up in the air. “Keep watching it”, Nate said. So I turned around and watched it go, until it was pretty high in the sky. I turned around and there he was on one knee! With a ring and everything! I was so surprised, I started bawling! I honestly had never imagined actually crying the day I got engaged, but I did! My heart was so full as I said yes and he picked me up. The people in the background started clapping and cheering. I felt like the luckiest and happiest girl alive.

My birthday was amazing, and the proposal was the icing on the cake. Nate is everything I’ve ever wanted, and everything I never even knew I wanted. I cannot thank God enough for the amazing man he placed in my life. We are so joyful and cannot wait to start this next chapter of our life together!