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How We Met

Matthew and I are actually next door neighbors, as in, we grew up less than 500 feet from each other. He is two years older than me so we never really connected in high school. He went to Ball State University and I still attend Miami University. Our parents were family friends, so Matthew and I found our paths crossing many times; however, we never spoke to each other. Our story started in 2013 when I was competing for Miami’s varsity swim team at Ball State. My younger sister, Haley, was conveniently best friends with Matthew’s younger cousin, Peyton. Haley, Peyton and my mother traveled to Ball State to watch me swim. After the swim meet, I left on the team bus as my family decided where to get a bite to eat on campus. Peyton recalled that her cousin, Matthew, was on campus and asked if she could meet up with him. Matthew came to meet Peyton and my mother immediately started asking if he was single because “he smelled good, he called her Mam, and he had a cross necklace on” (an obvious win for mom).

From that point, both families frivolously tried to get us to meet. When we did meet, we talked very little, as I was extremely shy. Regardless, Matthew asked me to go on a date with him. Unfortunately, the day that we planned our first date, my dad had a heart attack. Since Matthew was my neighbor, he was able to see the ambulance arrive before I even knew what was going on, as I was not home. To make the story short, we did not end up going on the date that night, and we lost touch for several months. (By the way, my dad is now happy and healthy).

A few months down the road, we were both home for the summer. One day, I saw that his two dogs were running away. I texted Matthew to let him know what was going on as I chased his dogs through our backyards. Luckily, that text brought us back together and we have been together ever since. We finally went on that first date.

how they asked

On December 19th, I started off my day by working at a local clothing boutique in downtown Noblesville, called Karisma. Pretty soon after I got to Karisma, I saw my sister, Matthew’s sister, Matthew’s sister in law, and Matthew’s two cousins walk in the door. My heart immediately dropped. I knew what was about to happen. They all were smiling, some were tearing up, as they handed me my first note. The note said: “HOORAY! HOORAY! Your work is finished now it’s time to play. You have many places to be. And things to get done. Many people to see. With a lot of excitement, a lot of fun. Your ride is here, go on your way. Enjoy every minute of your special day.

From here, we went to all get our nails done. Where they handed me my second note, which read: Dark, light, blonde or brown. Braid, curly, up or down. The next place you go to will decide. How your hair will look tonight.

Next, we went to go see my long time friend and hairstylist, Brittany Case. She did my hair and makeup and I started to feel like a princess. At the hair salon, they gave me my third clue: Nails, makeup, and hair. You’re almost ready, but what will you wear? Into the car! Go go go. There are things waiting for you at the place you call home.

This was my favorite. I returned home with all of the girls and found my mom, Matthew’s mom, Matthew’s aunts and cousin, Audrey all in my living room. They all threw me a “bridal luncheon” with a champagne toast celebrating the day. Then, I was lead upstairs to find about ten new outfits to pick from. WOW. This was perfect. I chose the outfit and headed downstairs where I was handed my final clue….: Everything is done, finished and complete. Except for one, now it’s time for me. I’m at a place we came to at our start. A place I hold close to my heart.

My heart was racing, yet I was so at peace. My sister blindfolded me and the girls drove me around to find him. They took me to MacGregor Park, as place Matthew and I spent a lot of time. They lead me out of the car, with my sister holding one hand, and his sister holding my other hand. When I got to Matthew I immediately started welling up. He took off my blindfold and got down on one knee. It was perfect. The whole thing. I have never been so happy and joyous in my life. I felt God’s presence there with us and I knew how blessed we both were. Our neighbor, Julie, was there to take pictures of us. The pictures turned out spectacular. Next, we went to dinner at the location of our first date. After dinner, Matthew drove me to the final surprise. We walked into our country club to find a HUGE engagement party waiting for us. My eyes immediately spotted my Mamaw, who flew in from Florida for the occasion. As I searched the crowd, I saw my friends from college, friends from high school, friends from swimming, and both of our families all welcoming us and celebrating. It was the most special night of my life. We ate, danced, drank and celebrated all night long. There was so much joy.

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I am so happy to know I have the sweetest fiancé in the world. Matthew, I love you and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our lives together. Thank you for the perfect day.

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