Aubrey and Logan

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How We Met

We both go to school at BYU-Hawaii and we both had our own reasons why we were there. I felt I needed to be in Hawaii to continue my education in Hospitality and Tourism Management and BYU-Hawaii has a great program for that, but after my first semester I felt like I wasn’t doing my best, I wasn’t all that happy and I lived in Hawaii for goodness sakes! I knew I was there for my academics and for making friends, but something just felt like it was missing. Logan’s story is where our minds are kind of blown. He was at Utah Valley University for about a year and felt like he was missing out on something, and he had visited some friends out in Hawaii the summer before and just felt like Hawaii could be a good place to be, so he just up and moved to Hawaii without really knowing why.

We both work at the Polynesian Cultural Center at Pounders Restaurant. I’m a server, and at the time when we met, he was the pizza guy.

After one of my shifts I had asked him if he could make me a pizza, and long story short we talked and laughed while he was making it and at the end of it all he had asked for my number and wanted to go on a date the next day. However, the pizza he had made me was honestly one of the worst pizza’s I’d ever had, but he was so cute so I didn’t mind.

Flash forward a couple of months.

We were both spending every day together, hours on end, ranging from about 4 to even 14 hours a day with each other! Everything just felt like it was falling into place. All the questions we had were quickly being answered. We quickly become best friends, and soon after that, we fell in love.

A couple months later we have to believe that we both needed to be on an island, 3000 miles away from everything we had ever known in order to meet each other. What else could it be but the wonderful truth that we are meant to be together?

how they asked

Logan had the ring picked out and ready to go for about 3-4 weeks before he proposed. He kept saying that he would propose when I got back to the island in January, and he had even fooled me into believing that!

After meeting my family a couple of days before Christmas and asking my parents if he could marry me, he flew back to Las Vegas where I would be meeting his family the day after Christmas. The only activity that I knew of was a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. My family was convinced that would be where he would propose, but I didn’t think that would be the spot! I was definitely hoping that it was, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

So Tuesday morning came, and we went to Maverick Helicopters for our Grand Canyon adventure. This whole time I was completely calm and not nervous at all, I was still convinced that he wasn’t going to propose there because he had told me the night before to just give him “3 more weeks”. However, I could kind of tell that Logan was a little nervous and just not being his usual happy self but I just thought that was because he was still recovering from being sick.

The whole helicopter ride there was AMAZING! It was such a fun experience, and it was something I had never done before. When we touched down IN the Grand Canyon we both got out and hugged, and I could totally feel something in his jacket pocket but I just kept thinking “Nope, he’s not going to propose here, it’s probably just his wallet.”

We walked around took some pictures, and we were sitting on a ledge overlooking the river. He got up to go get some water, but in reality, he was going to give his phone to the pilot (who was totally in on the proposal) and he came back and said that “they were all out of water.” (which was a lie.) He took my hand and helped me up and we were standing and he said “Man this would’ve been a good place to propose to you, dang it. Just give me 3 more weeks

He took my hand and helped me up and we were standing and he said “Man this would’ve been a good place to propose to you, dang it. Just give me 3 more weeks babe.” He had me FOOLED, I was convinced that he was not going to do it there. And then, he got down on one knee.

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I covered my face and just said “What?! No way! You are doing it! Are you serious!?” (clearly the best choice of words) But when he asked “Aubrey, will you marry me?” I couldn’t say “Yes!” More than enough times.

It was the picture perfect proposal, like a scene out of the Bachelor.

Life will be the GRANDest adventure with him, and we cannot wait for the adventure.
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Special Thanks

Jared (the pilot)
 | Maverick Helicopters