Aubrey and Andrew

Image 1 of Aubrey and Andrew

How We Met

I was actually dating Andrew’s friend at the time I met him. Well, they weren’t exactly friends, more so they shared a mutual friend and we would all hang out together at times. I thought nothing of him and he didn’t think anything of me as I was already in a relationship. 

When that relationship ended, my now fiancé, Andrew, posted a scripture on his Facebook that I have been looking for for years. We started messaging each other for a couple months before we decided to go out on a date. After spending every waking day together everyday for a year, I knew he was the one I wanted to marry. He was my best friend!

how they asked

July 20th, 2016 was something from a fairy tale. It was the perfect night with my perfect man. Throughout our relationship he has treated me nothing short of a princess and his proposal was no exception. It was like a movie. 

When I got home one evening, he had a Cinderella dress with an invitation to attend a “royal ball” waiting for me…
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I was so excited.

We got all dressed up (he had a Prince Charming jacket!) and then when we walked outside, he had a real horse and carriage outside our door.

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The carriage took us to a decorated a gazebo where Andrew and I drank sparkling cider and danced to a playlist he made of “our songs”.

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When he got down on his knee I wasn’t prepared for the emotion I would feel.

Excitement, fear, love, appreciation but most of all gratitude that I get to spend the rest of eternity next to my best friend. My person. My Prince Charming.

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We then went out to the very first restaurant we went to and had numerous kids and people want to take pictures with us since we looked like Cinderella and Prince Charming.

We even had people secretly pay for our bill because they overheard the news! So so sweet. We ended the night with our own little firework show he has purchased. The night was truly magical!

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Special Thanks

Austin Merrill
 | Photography