Aubrey and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I met in high school where we both started out dating other people but ended up in the same group of friends. He and I became great friends and got to know each other very well. He was someone I felt I could always go to for anything. When we both happened to go single around the same time we found ourselves talking and hanging out more often and our friendship turned into a relationship. The rest is history!

how they asked

Adam & I decided to take a last minute trip to celebrate our what would be 8 year anniversary that next week. We spent the Labor Day weekend doing fun activities like jet skiing, going to wineries, and just enjoying each others company. Little did I know that Adam had more intentions than just a fun getaway that weekend. On Saturday night as I was getting ready in the hotel, he frantically was on the beach searching for ideas on how to ask me to marry him. He came across a few couples on the beach enjoying some drinks in their backyard and decided to ask them for a favor. He asked if he could use their private dock off the beach our hotel was on to ask me. As if the stars weren’t already aligned for us, one of the girls offered to get in her kayak and take pictures of the engagement because she’s a photographer and had her camera on her.

He told me to meet him on the dock when I was done getting ready to watch the sunset before dinner. Adam has always been a romantic so I thought nothing was out of the ordinary. After the engagement happened everyone on the beach clapped and cheered for us and that’s when I noticed the girl in the kayak cheering also! He was so clever and we were so lucky to have such amazing strangers that felt like friends to be with us in that moment. They brought us wine on the dock l, took a few more pictures before sundown, and invited us over to celebrate. We never made it to dinner that night. I am so happy and blessed that we got this special moment captured and that it’s such a fun story to tell!

Special Thanks

Alexandria Hayes | 
Aubrey Miller