Atreyei and Ayusman

How We Met

Atreyei and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend in January of 2018. We were thousands of miles apart the first time we saw each other through a screen. We were 1200 miles apart the first time we talked over the phone, but with every minute of conversation, the distance felt insignificant and I felt closer to her. It was the start of something beautiful and at the end of the call, we made plans for us to meet in Milwaukee. The first time I saw her, she smiled and shied away. In my mind, I felt a spark that drew me even closer to her. Our first weekend seeing each other was nothing short of perfect. I was enamored in particular by the food she cooked that weekend.

Atreyei and Ayusman's Engagement in Pecan Park, Sugar Land, Texas

We continued meeting each other every month or so and with every meet, we knew the word “soulmate” was meant for us. 8-months later, I decided to put the ring on her and make her my fiancé.

how they asked

A trip to Houston Japanese Gardens turned into a surprise trip 8-mins away from home!

Atreyei's Proposal in Pecan Park, Sugar Land, Texas

The plan was to do a photo shoot with her friend and friend’s fiancée at the Japanese Gardens in Downtown Houston. There were plans to grab brunch before the photoshoot, which conveniently got canceled. The alternate reality was set in motion. In the meantime, my friends were at the proposal place setting up and decorating it. I had asked her friend and friend’s fiancée to meet us at the “photoshoot” place.

Proposal Ideas Pecan Park, Sugar Land, Texas

We left Home around 5:30 and I drove around for some time in circles to stall a bit since we planned to be at the gazebo around 6.

We got out of the car and walked towards the gazebo. The setting and decoration were absolutely gorgeous! Red and pink roses lined the path to the gazebo.

A life defining and truly memorable moment!