Athyna and Elijah

Proposal Ideas The MoMa in NYC

How We Met

Elijah and I met at an event he was hosting a little over 4 years ago. My best friend Kat knew Elijah for a few years through a mutual friend, so when he told her about the event we decided to go. I didn’t know this at the time but Elijah was already interested in me, seeing photos of me on Facebook, he messaged her asking about me and asking to bring me to the event. When we got to the event and Kat introduced us, I was automatically attracted to him. Kat told me a little after our first meeting that he had a girlfriend, which sucked but I wasn’t going to overstep. Kat and I walked around the event and decided to sit at a table to enjoy our drinks, Elijah sat next to me and we all laughed the night away. When we left, I got to the car and saw he friend requested me, nothing out of the ordinary in this day and age. Some time passed before we spoke again, during that time he became single and we started to talk via Facebook.

One day he messaged me about working an event with him, I automatically assumed he was asking me on a date and got super excited! Turns out it really was work and I was so upset that he didn’t make the move I thought he would. I kept thinking “I thought he was into me, what’s going on?”. We didn’t speak for about 2 months until one early Sunday morning, I got a text from him. He asked if I wanted to grab brunch and I said sure. I got out of bed (it was about 9am which is extremely early for me) and started getting ready. When I texted him, I didn’t hear back, turns out he fell asleep! Hours pass and he finally wakes up, apologizing for his midday nap and asked if I wanted to go to the MoMa, of course I said yes. We headed to the museum and it was the best first date I’ve ever had. We strolled around the city, had a great dinner and ended up spending the whole night talking. It’s been 4 years now and we haven’t left each other’s side.

how they asked

Since our first date, we always visit museums and especially love the MoMa. When Elijah said he wanted to see an exhibit that was showing at the MoMa, I didn’t think anything of it. The day we were suppose to go, Elijah was really sick so we just postponed. A week passes, he’s finally feeling better so we had to the city. It seemed like any other date we’ve had at the museum so I wasn’t expecting anything. He kept saying he really wanted to get a photo in front of this one piece and I couldn’t understand why, we’ve seen the piece before and have taken photos there, but when he asked me to ask the security guard to take a photo I did. We stood in front of it, took the photo and he says “I think we can take a better photo than that” I didn’t really know what he meant, next thing I know he’s down on the floor, ring in hand. Asking me to marry him.

Where to Propose in The MoMa in NYC

I was so shocked, the crowd around us were cheering and saying how amazing this was. I was in complete shock, nervously giggling and saying shaking my head “YES!”. The scene of our first date became the scene of our engagement, I couldn’t believe it. He had planned this for some time, he told me, but getting sick made him postpone it (which he was very upset about, he hated hiding things from me and it was killing him to have this big secret) It was perfect and exactly how I would have wanted him to do it, we fell in love at the MoMa and now our memories include getting engaged there. He’s been my best friend since the day of our first date, and I couldn’t be happier to be engaged to him. It was an amazing day.