Athina and Nathen

How We Met

Nathen and I met in Grade 8, as two young students that were both enrolled in the same program at our high school. As a result, we had the same friend group and interacted in the same circle throughout high school. Initially, we clashed as our personalities were very similar. However, in Grade 10 we were the only two of our friend groups in our math class, making our bond.

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Nathen became my best friend and my biggest confidant. We were always there to support each other through stress and past relationships. Eventually, I started to hang out with him in his cousins outside of school. I would make an effort to go watch his hockey games and be his cheerleader and eventually we fell in love the summer before Grade 12 and the rest is history.

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How They Asked

Nathen had messaged me during a busy week of school (we are both masters students) and asked if I wanted to go to Whistler on the upcoming Sunday because his aunt was visiting from New Zealand and was going to go with his parents. I wasn’t aware that his aunt was in town, but it was not surprising because he always had family in town. Initially, very stressed, my impulse was to say “no” but I thought it would be a nice stress relief. Nathen also tempted me by saying that we could drive up to Whistler for lunch only, take some pictures (as his aunt is a photographer) and then come back early enough to study. Needless to say, I agreed and I was getting excited because his aunt had “offered” to take pictures of us, which we never get.

On our drive up to Whistler Nathen was calling his brother to check and see where they were as his family had gone up earlier than we did. We went to the village and parked in the lot when he called his brother who said that they were at Nita Lake. Nathen and I drove over, parked the truck, and then started to walk down the path to the lake. When we were walking Nathen said, “Are you ready?” and I looked at him puzzled. When I looked up, I saw a huge sign, rose petals, and these beautiful candles and vases. Before I could make out what the sign said, Nathen was down on one knee, saying the sweetest words to me. When I looked around I saw a photographer that Nathen had hired to capture the moment, and his brother and one of our closest friends. It turns out his aunt wasn’t in town and his family wasn’t up here. Instead, his brother and our friend came to set up the scene and mood. It was the most perfect proposal and I am still shocked. I still cannot believe that I had no clue about it.

The best of this entire proposal was the behind the scenes work he did. For example, my friend who was going through a tough time asked if we could go get a manicure and pedicure because she was feeling upset around Valentine’s Day. I didn’t think much of it and agreed for a date with my best friend to engage in some self-care. This was all Nathen’s doing.

On top of this, Nathen had to make sure my hair was done. For a month before, Nathen would tell me how long my hair was getting and how impressed he was. Specifically, he would comment on how my roots were growing out and how usually it takes a lot longer. Additionally, my parents were away and had returned from a two-week vacation the week before he proposed. Surprisingly the first thing my mom commented on when she saw me was how grown out my hair was. When she said this I thought maybe I should get my hair done since it seems like everyone is agreeance that my hair has grown out. Again, this was all Nathen’s doing. He wanted me to look my best and I still hadn’t clued in.

Lastly, the most important for me was that he asked my father for my hand in marriage. It was an important thing for me as a sign of respect. Nathen independently reached out to my dad and met with him on valentine’s day at work to ask for my hand in marriage. I found out after the fact and I was so happy that Nathen was able to create a special memory and bond with my family.

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