Athena and Nicholas

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How We Met

Our story starts the night my cousin moved in with her roommate and had a house warming party: I came he and he was there for her roommate. A simply hello and laughing together all night then came those sweet 3 am texts and the rest is history!

how they asked

When Nick and I met I was a single mother of an crazy but amazing two year old little boy named Bentley. After going on a great first date where he showed up in a suit while I wore jeans and taking me to a fancy restaurant and had to explain the entire menu to me.. I was hooked. Soon he met Bentley and they were like two peas in a pod. Bentley fell in love as much as me. We started a friendship that had started to turn in to a family. Our family own great bigger and better when the we adopted my 8 year old sister Ariyanna (our mother passed away when she was 2 months and I was 16). She completed this modern made family. After three years later we had saved enough money to take our first real trip as a family. We decided it should be somewhere magical so of course it had to be Disney World. It was the mine and the kids’ first time to Disney and Nick hadn’t been since he was a kid. I couldn’t have known just how magical this trip would be. It was an adventure from the beginning. The kids first plane rides and taking in the sunshine from Florida. The night before we headed to the Magic Kingdom he the kids went for a walk to tour the resort while I finished showering and unpacking. Little did I know he was asking them a very important question. The next day we arrived bright eyed and wonderous of this place I’ve dream about my whole life and now I get to share it with the ones I love most. We all knew we had to take the classic in front of the castle picture. So while I grab a photographer (Nick handed our phone without me knowing to another waiting for a picture and said record) We took the classic family pictures all smiles. Next thing I knew Nick was on his knee, Ariyanna in tears, Bentley jumping in excitement, people cheering, clapping, and crying themselves. He was there the man of my dreams asking me to marry him at the most magical place on Earth! I said Yes with many happy tears and loads of jumping!! I couldn’t have asked for a more truly magical proposel.

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