Athar and Nadir

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how we met

Athar and I actually knew each other for a few years before there was a ‘we’. She was good friends with my sister Mona as well as a few of my cousins who i’m close with. I decided to throw a New Years Eve get together at my house during NYE 2013 and invited Athar. During the night I brought up the idea of doing a ‘Tough Mudder’ mud/obstacle race to a few people. She was on board and that set the wheels in motion.

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We began training together, in the process running over 100+ miles side by side with the goal of being able to survive the 10+miles of muddy madness that is ‘Tough Mudder’. For the most part we would both run with our headphones on and be in our zone. One day we met up at our normal downtown Detroit running spot and I showed up without my headphones, Athar being the kind person she is felt bad and decided to join me headphone free on our run, where we proceeded to attempt to hold a conversation throughout our exhausting run. Over time, running without headphones became the norm and holding a conversation while catching our breath became easier.

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By the time June (even time) rolled around Athar had suffered a fractured wrist while training and there were serious doubts as to whether or not she’d be able to take part in Tough Mudder. She decided to press on (avoiding the 1-2 obstacles that required serious weight on her wrist) and completed all 10 miles and 90% of the obstacles on her way to an orange headband and a spot in my heart.

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how they asked

In proposing, I wanted to tell the story of us and our relationship. I had a video created that served as a visual timeline of ‘us’, and concluded with asking the big question. The night I proposed, Athar was under the impressions that she was going to go out for a girls night with her friends, my sister being one of them.

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Athar and my sister arrived at the Renaissance Center in Detroit where she thought she would be meeting the rest of her friends. Instead she was greeted by one of the restaurant employees that handed her a gift box that contained an iPad with the video pre-loaded. She hit play, and moments later I had a fiance.

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I invited all of our siblings to be a part of the night and they all came out shortly after I proposed and joined us in a big celebratory dinner. Back at home the friends she thought she would be meeting with for dinner were waiting to surprise us and offer their congratulations to us.

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Our Video

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