Athalie and Justin's Marriage Proposal in Kenya

marriage proposal in kenya__7082How we met: We both went to the same high school- he was 2 grades ahead of me. He was our star basketball player and I was a cheerleader so I would be at all of the games (I always thought he was really cute). But, we never really met each other. It wasn’t until we ran into each other at church in 2009, 4 years after he graduated. We became friends for another 4 years, and even though I thought he was VERY attractive and I loved the person he was, I never thought we would actually end up together. We were always drawn to each other but the ladies ALWAYS loved him to I just sat back. He finally asked me on a date in 2012, but it was way too awkward and we agreed that we were best just being friends. I left for Kenya and South Africa for 6 months right after that and we kept in touch. He would write me about an organization that he was starting for people that seek to use their gifts to make the world a better place, and when I got home I attended one of his events- I was so proud of him and the work he was doing. We started to get closer after that, and eventually became something like best friends. We started talking on the phone for hours every night, and I realized I just wanted to be around him, all the time. We had the best time together and Justin makes me laugh til I cry every day. On June 10th, 2013, he took me up to my favorite look out spot where go whenever I need time to think and pray, and he asked me to be his girlfriend there. I knew within a month that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

how they asked: I travel to Kenya every summer to work with an organization that works with children- it has become my second home and second family. This August, Justin came to visit me. There was a huge event for the youth program planned for while he was there, and little did I know how special that event would be. At the end of that day, all of the kids and all of my friends were gathered around, they all sang my favorite song, then Justin sang to me as well, and then he got down on one knee.

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Of course, I said YES, and we all had a massive dance party right then and there. It really is hard to describe how incredible the moment was, but it was more than anything I had ever dreamed of.

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Video by Jordan S Mullen