Atara and Jack

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How We Met

He was a guitarist, I was a singer. We met when I auditioned for his band. The sparks were instant. We became fast friends and confidants to one another. Went to Rock shows together. Started our own band Plastic Rhino, and fell madly in love. 5 years down the line our band is doing really well around Los Angeles, and we are promoting our new album release by booking shows at big venues.

how they asked

The Famous Whisky A Go Go venue, where The Doors got their start, as well as many other big bands want to book Plastic Rhino to headline the night. Jack takes that opportunity and makes it more than just a gig. After the show ends he grabs the mic- and guitarists never talk during shows so I don’t know what is going on and thinks he’s acting crazy.

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As soon as he starts saying sweet things I realize what he is going to do. My emotions are all over the place. I even pretend to walk away and say na cause I’m in shock and trying to make the situation funny for the audience who are all cheering like mad, but of course, I say yes to my Prince Charming. And we have lived Happily Ever After ever since.

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Special Thanks

Adriana Torres
 | Photographer
Rob Lovejoy
 | Planning
Cary Lovejoy Lawler
 | Videographer