Home Is Where the Heart Is: Our Favorite At-Home Proposal Stories

There’s nothing quite like being in the comfort of your own home, especially for moments as special as your engagement. While destination proposals might seem glamorous, there’s no reason to look past the idea of proposing to your loved one where you two spend the most time together. From proposals on Christmas morning to backyard proposals with family, we’re swooning over these love stories. Read on for sixteen of our favorite at-home proposals.


Devon & Matt

Read Devon & Matt’s Love Story

“Since our schedules can be crazy and we don’t always work the same shift, he had to come up with a random day to surprise me… and he sure did! My mom and I went out on Monday night for dinner and to do some shopping (which wasn’t out of the ordinary at all) and when she dropped me back off at home, I saw rose petals leading up the steps…”

Erin & Drew

Read Erin & Drew’s Love Story

“He left to go take out the trash and was gone for a long time. When he returned, he said that he swung by our apartment complex’s office to look at their new hours since they were changing due to the Coronavirus. He then asked if I wanted to go and check the mail. So we walked to the mailboxes and he tried to open ours but gave up after three seconds saying “It’s stuck, can you do it?” I was extremely confused, as he never has trouble with that. I opened our mailbox door and was surprised to see a ring box of all things in there…”

Samantha & Rachel

Read Samantha & Rachel’s Love Story

“I spent the whole day decorating to make this day special! I made sure I was ready extra early before her arrival. I dramatically hear the door open at 3 and close frantically. An hour later I hear a knock on the door and a trail of shamrocks were outside the home and in all lights, the question WILL YOU MARRY ME was there! I said “No, No! Wait… I mean yes! But come inside!”

Irene & Jessica

Read Irene & Jessica’s Love Story

“The love of my life asked me to marry her at our Friendsgiving dinner this year! During a fun game of charades, one of our friends was acting out her clue to her team. After a few wrong guesses, I finally hear her team member shout “Are you proposing to me?!” Next thing I know, Jess is running over to me and dropping to her knee…”

Brianna & Trevor

Read Brianna & Trevor’s Love Story

“We both got raises the day before and decided to have some wine, celebrate and just spend time together doing silly things we don’t normally have time for. We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity. Little did I know he had snuck his own card in there. I ended up picking the card and instantly starting crying asking what it was…”

Lee & Rox

“We are like big children and always refer to dinosaurs thanks to my nephew who would just roar at people. When she came home I got done on my knee and asked her to be my raptor! Obviously to throw her off the scent. And she responded exactly how I imagined. “Yea” and then started to turn around. That’s when I picked up the ring and then said: “how about my wife?”

Emily & Justin

Read Emily & Justin’s Love Story

“We wanted to plan a party to throw at Justin’s parent’s house with all our friends, as some of them live out of town and we didn’t see each other for a while. I make my way around the room and say hi to everyone. I was in the middle of a conversation with my one friend, and I hear Justin say “Em, why do you think everyone’s here?” and I responded “I don’t know.” Next thing I know he reaches for his pocket and pulls out a black box..”

Danielle & Bradlee

Read Danielle & Bradlee’s Love Story

“We both value family so I knew I wanted them all involved. One night while on the back deck I realized I already had the perfect place to ask her, the house I had bought while we were dating. Our yard goes right down to the river with the Niagara bluffs right behind it. Getting our families friends together was the easy part. Her brother and I had our 10 year high school reunion that weekend so I used that as the reason for all of us to get together. I asked AJ if he would mention to Danielle that we should have a cookout at our house. Well she loved the idea and better yet didn’t suspect anything. Everyone already knew the plan for holding up the letters that spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” With everyone at the house I asked Danielle if we could take a picture together down by the river. As we walked down, along with her best friend that was taking the pictures, everyone got their letters together…”

Jackie & Blake

Read Jackie & Blake’s Love Story

“According to Blake, he had something extravagant and family filled planned but when he picked up my ring, he couldn’t wait that long to ask me to be his wife. I walked into a heartfelt and private proposal in our home and I immediately started crying. It was unexpected but the best surprise I could have asked for…Of course, I said yes!”

Ashauntae & Kendric

Read Ashauntae & Kendrick’s Love Story

“My parents, his mom, grandma, brother, and his wife, and uncle were all at our house, which wasn’t unusual because we have children they always come to us on the holidays so I had no idea what was about to happen. Everyone kept telling me you need to open your gifts and I was pretty much like why what’s the big deal we wrapped them together, and put things in the stocking so I already know what everything is. Well to my surprise at some point after we put everything in the stockings Kendrick went back and put the ring in the bottom of my stocking…”

Kara & Mark

Read Kara & Mark’s Love Story

“Mark and I love putting together charcuterie boards and enjoying wine on the weekends. For Christmas, I received a 15-pound wheel of cheddar cheese from my best friend, so we decided to have our friends over to eat enjoy with us. We put together a great cheese board, and as we were all relaxing and enjoying, Mark proposed a toast and told me he “wants me to be his fine wine and cheese” in front of al of our closest friends!”

Lauren & Jonathan

Read Lauren & Jonathan’s Love Story

“After one grueling shift in the ICU, I was at home trying to sleep. My mom called me to tell me she and my dad were coming downtown to run errands for the day and asked if I wanted to meet them. I’ve always been a bit stubborn, and when I’m tired it gets even worse! Instead of meeting them, I decided to stay home and sleep for a few more hours. I was laying in bed when I heard the front door to our apartment open. I called out Jon’s name, but he didn’t answer. I was getting up to get out of bed when the sweetest little puppy ran over to me…”

Tristen & Kenzi

Read Tristen & Kenzi’s Love Story

“Tristen oil-painted some of our best memories from the last six years together. Then cleared out the living room and hung up a makeshift gallery. It was a surprise when we got home and walked through the paintings; each one had a plaque saying when the memory was and what Tristen loved about it. When we got to the last one— a meta painting of us in this gallery with the plaque reading, “will you marry me?”

Alicia & Nate

Read Alicia & Nate’s Love Story

“I drove home from a girl’s weekend down the shore with my friends. I came home, put my bag in the dining room, and then we started talking about my weekend. Eventually, he asked me to help him straighten the dining room up and take my bag upstairs. When I went up, I opened the door and saw “Marry Me?” written in rose petals on our bed, rose petals all over the floor, candles lit, and a bottle of champagne chilling in ice. He had followed me upstairs and got on one knee behind me. It was so personal and intimate just the two of us in our home…”

Kevin & Bobby

Read Kevin & Bobby’s Love Story

“Plain & simple: Kevin proposed to me on my birthday as I was waking up.”

Linh & Thomas

Read Linh & Thomas’s Love Story

“Tom and I bought a condo together with our cat Izzy. Tom decided to make a spontaneous in the moment proposal because the moment felt perfect to him. I came out to the living room and saw Tom cradling Izzy with a shiny red box on Izzy’s fluffy belly. I was so confused, hysterical, and emotional all at the same time that I almost just left the room…”

Ashley & Antoine

Read Ashley & Antoine’s Love Story

“While I’m passing them out he tells me the gift bags all have names on them (which they didn’t, only mine did) and for me to pay attention. I told him I didn’t see any names and laughed telling him he should have told me that! Everyone gets their glass and finally starts to open them. I open mine and to my surprise it says “Mrs.” I was completely surprised. I didn’t know what was going on and kept asking because I was confused lol. Then he gets on one knee and in front of the people who are closest to us asked me to marry him. I immediately started crying and said YES! I had no idea that he was going to do this and that made the moment even more perfect to me!! I couldn’t be happier!”

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