Astromelia and Julian

Julian and I first met in highschool and we became best friends for years until one day we developed feelings for one another. Once we started our college life we began dating and fell deeply in love with each other, as we still are now and it has been the best of journeys and continues to be so far. After 5 years of been toguether (almost 6) he decided to take me to Disneyland on a trip where he made sure everything was beyong ROMANTIC, we spent all our romantic trip having the BEST of time, exploring all places, dinning in different restaurants, trying new cultural things, it has been our BEST VACATION so far and it was about to get EVEN BETTER and nonetheless there is left to say that we were and are incredibly happy, more in love with each other than ever, and thankful with life itself and all the great things it has provided us with. Finally, on November 14, 2015 (on our day) we arrived to Disneyland, and me been the happy and excited woman that I’ve always been was going crazy to visit all Disney with my soon-to-be fiance and while we walking towards the view of the castle, he stopped and I looked back and turned around and he said: “babe are you ready for your Disneyland present?”, and I been so excited by the experience itself replied: “YEIHH, show it to me”, this is when he opens his backpack and pulls out small box and I immediately start to get strong emotions inside, he goes down in one knee and pops the next sentence: “You make me the happiest man alive, I love you endlessly, will you marry me?” (In spanish) I started jumping like crazy and people around us were so HAPPY for us, I screamed YES YES YES!! After that we spend the whole day in Disney having fun and the most amazing day, then we went to dinner at one of the restaurants in Disney and he confess to me that he has been wanting to marry me for so long and that this has make him happier than he ever thought would be. We are FOREVER happy and already started planning our wedding!