Aspen and Zack

After 2 1/2 years of dating, Zack and I had many conversations about getting married. Like most men, Zack wanted to keep the proposal a complete surprise. Unfortunately for him surprising me is not easy. Earlier this summer I took a graduate course abroad in Italy for a month. When I got back to the states I had work, school, and friendships to catch up on, which caused Zack and I to have busy weekends. After being home for a month I was looking forward to having a weekend to relax. That is until my boss asked me to work an event at Pedernales Falls State Park that upcoming Saturday. We have done research at Pedernales before so I thought nothing of the destination. As much as I didnt want to work on a Saturday, my work was short on people and Zack also had to work that morning so I figured what the heck. Saturday morning comes and I head out to the park, not too long after Zack leaves for work. Shortly after leaving, my boss lets me know that he is already there and to walk down to the falls when I get there. Me being who I am, I arrive to the park about 10 minutes late. As I walked down the trail, I remember thinking that I didn’t see my bosses car but figured I was hurrying so I had probably missed it. Halfway down the trail, I noticed a guy ahead had on the same shirt Zack did that morning and thought what a funny coincidence. As I got closer to the guy I looked over again and realized it was in fact Zack. My first reaction was to ask “what are you doing here?”. As soon as he walked towards me I looked to the right and saw our families taking pictures and knew what was happening. Zack got on his knee and proposed with a ring I picked out weeks before while shopping with my girlfriends. I can gladly say I had no idea Zack was going to propose that day – hence my outside work attire. While I was away in Italy Zack asked my parents for their blessing, got my ring, and devised a plan with my work family to make the surprise proposal happen. Pedernales Falls will always be a special place for us ?.