Aspen and Nathanael

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How We Met

We met two and a half years ago playing ultimate frisbee at the ymca. When he walked on the field he caught my eye and I looked at my best friend and she gave me the “oh heyyy” look and then left me there alone, knowing no one, so I was kind of forced to talk to someone. He was helping me get better at throwing and giving me tips. I found him later that night on Facebook and realized we had grown up in the same church. His dad was one of my Sunday school teachers, his mom was on worship team with my dad, and his sister was in youth group with me. He had hung out with my older sister once, but we had never met ourselves. We became friends and shortly after started dating.

how they asked

He came home a day early and took my parents out to dinner over thanksgiving break to ask for permission to marry me. (Without me knowing)

My family went on our annual family vacation to Disneyland like we do every Christmas. Nate told me he wouldn’t be able to go because that was the week of finals. The first day of the trip we were eating dinner and the song with the lyrics “we’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married” came on and everyone just got big eyed and started singing. (I’m still clueless) Second day into the trip I open my fortune cookie that read ‘you will soon be visited by an unexpected visitor’ again they all just stared at each other (I’m still clueless).

So the fourth day, mama said it was family picture day and we all had to be cute. We went all day without takin any pictures. Dad ran off to go get a “present” and the rest of us are doing all the little kid rides. We get in line to take our pictures in front of the castle because they block it off before fireworks so no one is in the background of your pictures. I go up to take my ‘individual picture’ and out of no where Nate ran out of the crowd and hugged me!! I didn’t know it was him at first or what was going on. I pulled away and shouted with excitement “what are you doing here?!” And hugged him. He pulled back and said my full name as he started to reach into his pocket and got down on one knee. I instantly started crying and filled with joy, I said yes about five or six times and he stood up and put the ring on my finger as everyone there was clapping.

It was such a magical perfect moment that I will cherish forever.

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