How She Asked: Jess and Jas

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I was away on a film at the time when Jas went and bought the ring. She’d picked it out nine months before that. When I returned we were about to celebrate our second year anniversary. Jas took me to the beach where she first told me she loved me but I’d decided that day that I wanted to go for a run. Jas couldn’t convince me to go onto the beach with her so she got too nervous and decided not to propose.

We went to a cafe after that and Jas wouldn’t eat anything (I had no idea how nervous she was). Finally, when we went home she decided to propose because she couldn’t stand the nerves any longer. She gave me this package with a little felt bag in it that said, ‘Will you?’ but of course I failed no notice that and thought she’d bought be perfume. It wasn’t until she got down on one knee and I saw the ring that I finally realised what was going on. And of course, I said yes.

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