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how we met

Years ago I had finished tech school and was stationed in SC. I first contacted Asia over social media who lived in Greenville, SC… I wasn’t exactly looking for love (Yes I was a bad boy smh).. And she saw that and left me to my rotten self after about a week or two of talking to me…. Never even got to meet her… time had went by and eventually I had left the area to be stationed somewhere else. But then one random scroll through my contacts almost a year later I saw the number for that girl named Asia who had long ago intrigued me because she wasn’t like the women of today. She had class…poise.. She was sophisticated. I had thought about her on several occasions since our last encounters. I wanted to know who this woman who was set apart from the world. Didn’t even know I had her number still until that random scroll. So when I saw her number I caught up the courage to message her and asked how she was.

By miracle of her erasing my number and not knowing it was me she replied. I was told in later conversation had she had known who it was before hand she never would have said anything back to me. But she did and relearned who I was. But by then one message turned to two.. Two turned to ten and turned to a million as things somehow sparked off like the first time we talked never occurred. We were long distance friends for a good while. Her still living in Greenville and in college and I now stationed overseas in Spain. We had long phone conversations and Skype sessions all the time. I couldn’t stand not talking to her and neither could she. So it was inevitable that it happened. We began to fall for each other. July 15th 2014 I asked her to be my girlfriend because what I saw in her and how she treated me she was different than those who had help me become who I had been when I first met her. I wasn’t marriage material or even boyfriend material. Still thought partying and hook-ups were no big deal. I had a lot of growing up to do.

Since that day went through so many ups and downs between me visiting and getting to meet her for the first time and me being away.. All of it my fault because I had trouble trying to love her and let go of childish ways. I was the older out of us two but she was the mature one. After several occasions of almost losing her love I finally decided to listen to her, my family, and all those rooting for me and I buckled down and stopped blocking my own blessing. Sine then things couldn’t have been better between us. I had grown to love her in a much larger capacity than I thought I could ever love anyone. And I finally saw she loved me more than anyone had ever would. I knew from back when I had pained her and she didn’t leave but stood by me to watch me grow that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She was the one.

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how they asked

Talks of marriage would always come about, and I would tell her that I was going to marry her for sure, but I wouldn’t concentrate on us finding rings and things until I left Spain for good. All the while I was scheming up a storm. I had secretly researched rings after learning her size and pieced together a collage of ones I imagined would look swell on her finger. I sent the collage to her friend and asked her to ask Asia out of the blue which one did she like. Having found out the answer I paid off that ring and there it sat on my night stand with me in Spain until I took my birthday trip home to spend with her. But beforehand I spoke with the Famzing photography company that resides where she lives and came up with the proposal plan with them. I had been begging Asia since we started dating for professional pictures of us to be taken since I’m a firm believer in capturing memories. So telling her that I wanted a photoshoot for my birthday she didn’t suspect a thing.

Famzing and I had set up to be recorded the whole day capturing our shoot on video as well as camera and during the shoot a safe word would be spoken during a certain pose that would cause her to turn away from me long enough for me to get ready. When the photographer told her the pose didn’t look right (part of the plan) he had her turn back toward me and she found me on one knee with the most nervous smile on my face.

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I asked her to step forward as I professed the love that I had for her and relayed to her all that my hear could sputter out in the heat of the moment. All the while she was staring down at me eyes cautious and nervous just like me. She was so caught off guard. As I finished I held her hand tightly and looked up at her with hopeful eyes and asked the magic words.

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To my shocking relief her lips formed the magic words YES! I stood and fitted the ring on her and kissed her hand and held her close because I knew right then the rest of my life would not be spent alone. And would be spent with someone I could count on, someone I knew who would love me through thick and thin as long as I was faithful and true. And after all she had done for me there was no way I would be anything but that. So on that day, April 27th 2016 her and I became engaged.

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Asia is and always has been and always will be a woman that is dedicated and loyal, respectful, loving, and beautiful. For that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her. I doubt that I’ll ever be as amazing to her as she was and is to me but I’m going to spend every day for the rest of our lives trying to.

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