Asia and Antonio

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How We Met

Antonio and I met 8 years ago. My best friend Bri (breezy) wanted to go see her crush Courtney she did not want to go alone so I tagged along. when we met up with Courtney we were outside just hanging out laughing then he received a phone call from his close friend Antonio. As soon as I met Antonio he was so goofy dancing around and just made all of us laugh. At the time it was summer of 2009 the skinny jeans and “your a jerk ” phase was huge and of course Antonio was “jerking ” everywhere. We were all hungry and decided to go get a snack Courtney drive and I sat in the back with Antonio. So, I just met this kid and he has the audacity to grab my hand and hold it I immediately pull back like who are you !? Well guess what he goes back and grabs my hand again this time finger lock I pull back and give him the stare. He just looks at me and is smiling so big I couldn’t help but laugh. We all hung out a lot that summer ; Antonio and I became very close we loved food so we would go out to eat a lot. I did the unimaginable one day as we’re out to eat we were both done with our food, but I noticed that Antonio didn’t finish his fries so I reached over and started eating them. His facial expression was hilarious i think because I just said I was full but two because I reached over and started eating off his plate ! After that we got some ice cream talked and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

This year we decided to do a two week road trip from San Diego to San Francisco California! It just so happen that our 8 year anniversary fell in between our road trip. We just finished starting in San Diego and we’re staying with his cousin who lived in Long Beach. I wanted to see a celebrity so Antonio found a restaurant called Nobu and decided we should take a trip to Malibu. He also told me that he found a viewing spot so we’ll go up there take pictures and go get dinner and get a room if we’re too tired to drive back to Long Beach. The drive up to the viewing spot was terrifying! It was on a mountain the roads were pavement at first then went to dirt the streets were cracking if Antonio was to make one wrong turn we’d be off the mountain!

So, we finally get up there and he says he thinks he made a wrong turn there was RV up there and he wanted to ask permission to see if it was okay to snap a couple photos I begged to not leave, but he laughed and told me we were staying there. Airstream is a glamping type of camping and the views were amazing. We get ready because I still wanted Nobu the sun was about to set and Antonio wanted to snap a couple pictures before we head down the mountain. The wind was insane that day I was so cold but he insisted to stay out there. As we take a couple he turns to me and tells me he loves me so much how I’ve made him into a better person. I shake my head like okayy he then gets down on one knee I am thinking he is pulling a prank but then moves a pillow and reaches for the box pulls out the and asks me if I would be his wife! I am completely dumbfounded and stunned all I can say is of course. Antonio was recording the whole time with his camera he hid in the library chest….

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