Ashwika and Calwin

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How We Met

We went to the same school in Dubai and have known each other for around 11 years. We would ride on the same bus after school and that is why we met. We connected instantly because we both are Sri-Lankan and our friendship began there. We would text once in a while wishing each other for birthdays and New year. It was in 2011 that we got into the swing of texting A LOT. This brought us closer together and I finally became aware of how much goodness there was in him and how little I actually knew of him. It was then that I kept thinking that I want to marry someone like him with his personality. He was everything I wanted in a guy and more.

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how they asked

I had always imagined a beach romantic dinner proposal and that is exactly what I got. We reached the hotel and he told me we were going for dinner there. As we walked through the hotel and went towards the beach I saw this beautiful setup with flowers and lights.

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It was amazing. I asked him if it was for us and he said no. Then all of a sudden my family surprised us and it was then that I was convinced that he was going to propose to me. He took me on top of the platform and got down on one knee and I do not remember what he said but he was really really nervous.

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All I remember doing was holding my hand out so that he could put the ring. To that he said “you didn’t answer my question” and of course I said YES! I mean why wouldn’t I?!

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