Ashtyn and Cole

Ashtyn and Cole's Engagement in Page Springs Cellars, Sedona AZ

How We Met

Cole and I met in high school. We had known each other for the first three years but never hung out. Senior year, we happened to have Literature together. Every time I would respond to a question or laugh or make a joke, I would notice Cole turning around to look at me. I got this odd feeling that he liked me. Fast forward, I ran cross country and (of course) he played football. We found ourselves constantly “accidentally” running into each other after school. One day, he and his football buddies were sitting at one end of the gym, while I was with my team on the other. I could see them watching and pointing at me, messing with Cole. Finally, he got the nerve to come over and ask me out. The rest is history. I guess you could say we’re high school sweethearts!

how they asked

Cole and I were in Arizona visiting my recently retired parents when my family decided to take a day trip to Sedona. It all seemed very last minute to me, so I was assuming it would be a day of shopping and eating (the usual!) When we arrived in the hills just outside of Sedona, we stopped at a beautiful vineyard. We decided to take the next tour (conveniently starting within the next ten minutes). After the tour of the vineyard was over, my fiancé told me to hang back because he wanted to ask the tour guide some questions. My fiancé can be a nerd, so this didn’t surprise me. While he was talking to the guide about irrigation of the vines (lol!), she offered to take us out to look at the system.

Where to Propose in Page Springs Cellars, Sedona AZ

Before I knew it, she was pouring us glasses of wine from a new bottle and ushering us out to the stunning hills of the vineyards. Before I knew what was happening, she was leading us down in between the rows of plants. About halfway down the row, I noticed a table set up with pictures strung above it. On the table was my ring box and flowers. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! Of course, I said yes! I turned around and my family was all there. It was perfect!