Ashtyn and Cole

How We Met

Cole and I first met in Kindergarten at a local private school in Martinsburg, WV. We were each other’s elementary school crushes, and were “boyfriend and girlfriend” in fourth and fifth grade. I still have a teddy bear that he gave me for Valentine’s Day back in the fourth grade. I continued going to the private school until 9th grade, where I transferred to public school. Cole and I lost contact until our senior year of high school. A mutual friend posted a picture of our third grade class on Facebook, and we all started commenting and reminiscing over the lost years. Cole sent me a message over Facebook asking if I remembered who he was (of course I did!) and we started texting each other. Around the beginning of January of 2013 Cole asked me on a date, but my dad required Cole to meet him before I could go. Cole agreed to go to church with us and sit down with my dad, and while I thought he would run for the hills afterwards, he stayed around and took me on our first date, when he also asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been dating for four years since then!

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Image 2 of Ashtyn and Cole

how they asked

Cole knows that I absolutely love Christmas lights! We try to go and see them at a local park every year. This past year he had planned for us to go at the beginning of December with his cousin after Cole returned from Thanksgiving in Oregon with his family. While in Oregon, he called me saying his cousin could no longer make it, and he wanted to change the evening we could go to November 27, the day he got back from Oregon. We went to the park that night as soon as it got dark. As we are walking along the path together, Cole starts reminiscing over the past 4 years together, all the things we have persevered through, and saying how much he loves me and can’t wait to spend forever together. As we bend the corner, I see letters lit up on one of the displays spelling out the words “Marry Me.” Cole has us stop and turns me to face him (by now I am sobbing like a baby), and gets down on one knee and proposes (and of course I said YES). From there we left to go to dinner, and Cole surprised me again by having both of our families waiting for us at a restaurant in order to celebrate together! It was an unforgettable night that we were able to enjoy with our families.

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