Ashton and Trey

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How We Met

We met through Instagram, a true 2021 love story haha! All jokes aside, after his persistent efforts to take me to dinner, I said yes. Every weekend since the day we met, we were inseparable! Within two months we moved in together, and by month nine, we were engaged! Truly my best friend.

How They Asked

When I met Trey, we initially bonded over our love for football. My family has had the same season tickets since I was born, meaning I’ve gone to every season of Arizona State football for 18+ years. Trey on the other hand is a coach for ASU football. For months I have told him how much I’d love to have photos of us at Arizona State University because it’s such a special place for us, especially now that we’ve officially gone through our first season together as a couple. On Thanksgiving, he told me that he set up a photoshoot for us to finally take pictures on the field since everyone would be home for the holiday and the field would be empty.

We got to the field and took pictures for about an hour until he said he had a surprise for me. He then handed me a box of custom Air Force 1s with the date 11-25 on the heel. As soon as I figured out what was happening, he turned me around and I saw his sweet proposal on the Jumbotron. I then looked back at him and he was on one knee. The most incredible moment of my life!

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Special Thanks

Ian Biggane
 | Photographer