Ashton and Logan

How We Met

Logan and I met through work mostly but with help of my sister. He worked with my sister, Kaitlin, for the longest time. She would always tell him he needed to meet me until she ended up working else where. I started the job she had and he still worked there at that time. He actually was my trainer! He trained me for 4-5 days and at the moment we clicked. He didn’t even realize Kaitlin was my sister and that I was who she talked about! I knew from the moment he trained me that I wanted to be with him because I felt a connection to him so strong that I couldn’t stop thinking about if he was the one. The connection grew stronger and stronger as times went by and within the first year, I knew I wanted to be with him the rest of my life!

How They Asked

The proposal was definitely a surprise! We were vacationing in Panama City Beach, Fl at the time he was planning the proposal. His mom, sister, and my mom only knew he was planning to propose while we were on the trip. I love sunsets and sunrise so much that when he divided to propose he woke me up at 4am and told me to get ready. Myself being confused, got up, out some make up on, and did my hair. He walked me outside and said “let’s go for a walk and watch the sun come up”! I was in shock because like I said, I LOVE sunrise. He started recording me and was asking me about how I liked it out here and if I knew I wanted to move here one day. He told me to turn around, and I agreed only because we saw manta rays swimming near us, so of course I was watching them. When I turned around to see him because he got quiet, I saw him on one knee and I gasped. I begin tearing up when he asked me! I said “yes!” I hugged him and kissed him, while I’m still in surprising from the proposal. After we talked and got the excitement out, we continued our walk on the beach and finished watching the sunrise come up with the manta rays near us.