Ashton and Joe

Ashton and Joe's Engagement in Boone Hall Plantation

How We Met

Joe and I met on a blind date in October 2016. I sat in her car anxiously awaiting his arrival and when he got there, he came to my car in the pouring rain holding an umbrella for me. Once inside, we sat at the bar waiting for a table and watched the end of the Tennessee game. (Joe is a graduate of UT) In true Joe fashion, he jokingly told me if they lost, there wouldn’t be another date. (They lost and I immediately worried I was Tennessee’s bad luck!) A couple sitting next to us laughed and said “one day this will be a great story to tell” and they were right! While eating dinner, Joe suggested Starbucks after dinner. Anyone that knows how I am about Starbucks, knows that I was in love with him after that! We clicked instantly that night and from then on, we’ve been inseparable.

how they asked

For months prior to the annual family beach trip, Joe had been preparing me for pictures of the two of us. When the time came, he said we were heading to Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, SC. My favorite movie of all time is North and South and this was filmed at Boone Hall (as was The Notebook). He told me that there were two cameras in case one camera had blurry photos. Little did I know he had set up video to record the proposal. As we walked out to take the photos from a distance, he dropped to one knee asking me to marry him. In between gasps for air (and swallowing my gum), I said “yes!” and cried…and cried……and cried.

Proposal Ideas Boone Hall Plantation

Joe later told me that he had been planning this proposal for the last year. He began designing the ring with Haywood’s Jewelers in December and had just picked it up the week before. I still cannot believe the amount of effort he put into our engagement and my ring!

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