Ashton and Craig

Where to Propose in Where we met for the very first time in the 8th grade

How We Met

Me and Craig first met in the 8th grade outside at lunch. We have been dating for 10 years since then!!!!! And the reaction we get when we tell people is always, WOW! We basically grew up together and loved each other through the good times and bad times.

how they asked

Well, to start off I’m still so amazed he was able to pull this off. Its the day before his birthday and all week he had been telling me that he wanted to have a few friends over to celebrate his birthday and us moving in together. So, of course, I’m like cool babe whatever you want. So we wake up Saturday morning and he’s staring at me like he’s seeing me for the first time, so, me being me I go in for a kiss. Once we got up and got dressed my brother and his girlfriend arrive, asking us what we were about to do and such. I was told by Craig that we were going to the grocery store to gather all the things we needed for the cookout later. Well as I’m putting on my shoes to head out I hear my brothers truck leaving and I was confused because they didn’t even say bye to me lol. So I finally get outside and get in the car. Well as we reach the end of our driveway he stops and puts on “Gotta be” by Jagged edge. Which I thought was so cute and funny cause he often picks what we listen to in the car. So as we are driving through town, he passes the turn to go to the grocery store?! So I don’t say anything and he turns down the next street.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Where we met for the very first time in the 8th grade

Once he turns he grabs my hand and proceeds to say “You remember where we first met?” and of course I do so I say yes babe duh. Well by this point I look out and see that we are pulling up and the old middle/high school. So he parks the car and tells me to get out. Remind you we are the only ones there (or so I could see) and it’s almost noon. So I hesitated at first but then finally just got out and followed him. Well, he walked me up the stairs and to the benches outside where we first met each other. He grabs my hands and begins to say the sweetest words ever spoken to me. “He says I knew from the very first day we met that I would one day marry you. Me and you have been through the ups and downs but there is no one else I would have chosen to go through them with. I know you said this weekend would be all about me, but the best gift that I could give myself would be the promise of a lifetime with you!!!” I am already balling as he gets down on one knee and asks will you marry me!! Of course my answer was YES! and as we are hugging it out I see my brother and his girlfriend approaching us from around the corner. Needless to say, I was speechless and so thankful that this moment was caught and that he put so much thought into how he would ask me.