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How We Met

Ashton Fisher and I met the summer after we both graduated from high school in June 2015! More specifically June 3. We were working at the same summer camp in my home state of Arkansas. He still claims that he can remember the first moment he saw me and that he thought I was “so cute”. He was also in the mindset of a summer fling, so I guess he set his sights on me. But, jokes on him ;).

Despite all the talk he seemed to have, I’d like to think I was the one who made the first move. Since we had the same name it seemed obvious to me that we had to address that. So, “You’re the other Ashton, right?” were the first words that I said to him. People started to joke about how cute it would be if we ended up together. After we met, we became pretty much inseparable as we got to know each other. I told my mom all about the cute boy I liked who had the same name I did, and then she later told me that I had actually met Ashton before at about the age of four! We were in a children’s class at church together, but my mom wanted to look for a new church so that there wouldn’t be another kid with the same name as hers!

Because of that incidence, Ashton and I ended up living about an hour apart and having mutual friends our whole lives, and never meeting until we worked at summer camp. It’s a running joke between us now that our parents just couldn’t keep us apart! Only 10 days went by from when we met until we started dating. I guess you could say that when you know, you know! He picked me up for our first date with a dozen beautiful red roses that I smelled the whole day into town for a delicious Italian dinner and a movie.

We spent the rest of the summer spending as much possible time together as we could and by the time camp was over, I knew that I had found a keeper. I chose to go to the same college as he was planning to attend in the fall, excited to watch the rest of our journey unfold.

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how they asked

I was working different odd jobs at home in Arkansas while Ashton was interning at a job in Colorado. I was planning to drive out and visit him to celebrate our three-year anniversary and was beyond excited since it was the longest that we’d ever been apart and I was definitely not good at hiding how much I missed him.

A few days before I planned to leave, Ashton told me that he had been planning ways to celebrate our anniversary and thought that our mutual friend, Eddie Hall, could take some cute pictures of us since he was a photographer, and then we’d go to dinner. I’ll be honest; I thought the whole thing was fishy. (pun intended) I knew my man and Ashton HATES taking pictures. I immediately called my best friend, Kayla, who freaked out with me. But about an hour later, I was still convinced, until Kayla called me back and told me that I needed to forget the whole thing. She had been nosy and found out when Ashton was actually planning on proposing and it wasn’t until a couple months down the road. I tried to hide my disappointment but she assured me that it would go by fast.

After thirteen hours of driving, I arrived at the hotel that I would be staying at in Colorado only to discover that there were no clean rooms. I figured it was no big deal, but Ashton freaked out when he heard because he was worried that we would never make it on time to where we were supposed to be taking pictures. I didn’t understand what the big deal was but ended up huffing and puffing in my own frustration, trying to apply my makeup while sitting in my car in the hotel parking lot so that I would be ready in time to take pictures. When I saw Ashton for the first time after those weeks, suspicion melted away. I was just happy to be back with the love of my life and I did not care how we spent the rest of our day.

We drove to the apparent “unknown location” where Eddie wanted to take our pictures. It was a beautiful rocky location, surrounded by mountains that made a gorgeous backdrop. Eddie had us strike a couple poses and then out of nowhere, Ashton was down on one knee, pulling a small box from his pocket. No amount of suspicion could have ever prepared me for that moment. All I could say was, “Are you serious?!” before my hands flew to my mouth and the happy tears were sneaking out of my eyes.

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Ashton gave the sweetest little speech I had ever heard before ending with asking if I would marry him and I could barely even let him finish before saying, “Yes!!!!” All I could do was hug him until he reminded me that I had to let go enough for him to put the ring on my finger. I was then told how he had bought the ring that I wanted the day after we had looked at it months ago. He told me how he had been planning this, how he had Kayla help him trick me into thinking he wasn’t proposing yet, every step of how he made June 14, 2018, the best day of my life. I couldn’t be happier.

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Special Thanks

Eddie Hall
 | Photographer