Ashlynn and Tim

Ashlynn's Proposal in Big Bear, CA

How We Met

I met Tim through my best friend, Erica at her house two and a half years ago. He knew who I was for awhile before we met and he was trying to get our friends to set us up but the timing was never right. He tells me to this day, when he first saw me that night in the striped dress I was wearing that he knew he was going to marry me one day. Since that night, we’ve been inseparable! He’s my forever best friend! We are both very hard working people and share our love and passion for traveling, cruising, and snowboarding together!

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Ashlynn and Tim's Engagement in Big Bear, CA

Where to Propose in Big Bear, CA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Big Bear, CA

How They Asked

Tim and I have been going up to Big Bear to go snowboarding every other weekend for the past two months because we love it so much up there. Then we decided to get a large cabin and invite a few of our friends the first weekend in March. Friday we spent some time with our friend’s snowboarding, hanging out, and talking about how we wished more of our friends could have made it! The next morning, my brother met us to go snowboarding for the day and we all rode up together around 12:45 pm.

My brother took off pretty fast and Tim and I cruised down together. Once we were at the last slope of the run we slowed down and I asked, “Do you want to go again?”, he said, “Maybe.” He took off and I noticed a large group of people standing at the bottom of the slope but did not recognize anyone until I got a little closer.

Once I recognized what was going on, I knew it was happening! I took off my dorky helmet and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! All of our friends and family cheered and we got to spend the rest of the weekend with all of them! We will cherish this place for a very long time and cannot wait to take our kids here one day! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with Tim Baer! #OneMoreBaer

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