Ashlynn and Jason

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how we met

She wasn’t the one that cut my hair that day, but I was going back. After a few attempts at randomly getting the incredibly attractive blonde, Ashlynn finally called me as her client. For the first few haircuts I couldn’t remember her name, so I referred to her as “Great Clips”. My sons became regulars, and for a few months I got to know Ashlynn, and she was chatting up my boys.

When I finally asked her for her phone number, she replied “It’s about time”. Bob Evans for breakfast was our first date, lesding to Cedar Point the next, and as fate would have it both of our phones flew out of my pocket on a roller coaster. The next few hours would change my life. I looked at her in the middle of her story, high about the park on the gondolas, and I knew I was looking at my wife.

Weeks later, 5-25-15, our children met each other at the park by our homes, and I asked her to be my girlfriend. I took a picture of all four kids on the swinging bridge at the park, and we began our family. A year later we took another photo of the kids at the same park, and then moved away to “our” home not far away.

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how they asked

On April 9, 2017, I told Ashlynn we should take the four kids to the park, and get our two year anniversary of the kids meeting, a photo we had agreed to now take every year. While at Bob Evans with the kids, our amazing photographer hid in the woods at the park, coordinating her spot to get photos of the proposal. We finished breakfast, and played on the playground until she text me the green light, and we strolled down to the bridge to take our picture before we headed home.

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Once we got there, I told the kids they need to have a seat on the bench so we could talk about the photo, and then I took Ash’s hand, told her I was so happy her and her daughter were a part of my sons and my life, that I loved our family, I loved her, and asked her to be my wife.

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After she said yes, and we took a minute for her to stop crying, I showed her where Shena was hiding. It was a perfect moment, and she captured the entire setting perfectly.

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