Ashlynn and Dylan

How We Met

We met the summer of 2012 after we both graduated from High School. The night I met Dylan I was 17 days away from moving off to play college softball at a school that was 2 hours away. Dylan went above and beyond to make my last couple of weeks at home some I will never forget. Those 17 days prior to me moving were the most romantic, meaningful, memory filled long summer nights I had ever had. I tried to run away from the fact that this guy was the perfect guy for me and I kept telling him we should just be friends. But he luckily did not give up and continuously pursued me until I finally let my guard down and said yes to seeing where this could go. Oh how easy it was to fall completely head over heels for him in just 17 short days.

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The days passed by so quickly and it was time for me to move away from a guy that was as perfect as humanly possibly. It was so hard but I knew it would be so worth it every chance I got to see his sweet face. As hard as we knew it would be we knew that if this is what God had in store for us then it would all work out in the end. A couple of weeks past and on September 8, 2012 I came home and surprised my sweet Dylan! Well, much to my surprise he made it “official” and asked me to be his girlfriend that night! What a sweet blessing it is to look back on all the memories made, lessons learned, and seeing how God had every little detail planned out since the beginning.

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The week before our 5 year anniversary I told Dylan I didn’t know which dress I wanted to wear for our anniversary date! I wanted to look the prettiest he had ever seen me because we were celebrating 5 years together and that is such a big deal if you ask me! Because, in case you are wondering that is half a decade.. wow! Every year Dylan makes sure to make our anniversary date very special and romantic. So when I told him that I was at a loss on which dress to wear he went out and bought me a brand new dress for our anniversary date! Well the dress didn’t fit so I ran all over Lufkin and Nacogdoches to find this perfect dress for our date! When I tried on “the dress” it was obvious that it was the dress that was going to blow Dylan away when he picked me up for this surprise date night! Little did I know that I was picking out the dress I would say YES to spending forever with Dylan and becoming his wife!

So I get home from work on September 8, 2017 and am freshening up when I get a text from my Prince Charming! He tells me I am going on a scavenger hunt to get to this date the he has set up. Well I love surprises and I love scavenger hunts so I was on cloud nine. I started at my pool which is where our first date was. That is when I learned about Dylan, his family, and his salvation story! He has had my heart since night one! The second clue took me to Kelty’s Baptist Church where we officially met each other and hung out for the first time. This is the night he told me he “didn’t give side hugs” because he always gave front hugs to people.. but then I turn around to see him “side hugging” my friend. Smooth move right?! The third clue took me to Harmony Hill where he works as the Associate Youth Pastor and I volunteer in the youth!

There are so many reasons that church means so much to us! Next I was sent to my “Bonus Family’s” house to check their mail! In their mailbox was a new pair of heels and my next clue! This clue lead me to Brother John Greene and his wife Kathryn’s house. These two hold such a huge place in each of our hearts so seeing they were in on this made my heart almost explode! So, the Greene’s gave me my very last clue which had directions on it that lead me to my dinner date with Dylan. So by now, if you know me, you know that I have cried multiple times and continuously laughed out loud while driving around Lufkin all by myself! I got the chance to reminisce on so many crucial parts of our relationship all within the hour before we started our next chapter of our relationship together! My sweet man is so very thoughtful and makes everything so meaningful!

So as I begin my 20 minute drive to this dinner date, God paints the most beautiful sunset in the sky for me to see in my rear view mirror. So I had a thought.. Dylan knows how much i absolutely love sunsets so maybe he has a little picnic set up in a pasture so we can eat dinner together and watch the sun set! So as I am driving down the road I see the cutest little sign that says my name and an arrow pointing down a dirt road. So, of course, I turn on the road. It was a dirt road that led to a cute little cabin with a candle lit pathway leading to the backyard. At the end of this candlelit pathway was the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. So back to my initial thought of what this date would entail, I saw a beautiful lit up gazebo that had a table placed under it. So I walk down this beautifully lit path and stand hand in hand with my sweet man and say, “Is this where we are eating dinner?!” (Spoiler alert: I was clueless he was about to PROPOSE!)

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So he just giggles and says, “Ashlynn I need to read you something!” So he read this beautiful, perfectly worded, sentimental, full of love note he had written just for me! How stinking sweet is that?! THEN the moment comes where the lightbulb in my completely oblivious mind turned on fast and bright! He was pulling something out of his pocket and headed down to one knee! DYLAN SANDLIN WAS ASKING ME TO BE HIS WIFE! After he placed the most beautiful ring on my finger he pulled one more thing out of his pocket! It was my last piece of the scavenger hunt which was a wooden heart that said “Marry Me” on the back! WE WERE OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!

Ashlynn and Dylan's Engagement in Beaver Creek Lodge in Huntington, Tx

Then out of their hiding places come my parents, his parents, my brother, and his girlfriend! There was a videographer and photographer there to capture every second of the most beautiful night I had ever experienced! He thought of EVERYTHING! We took lots of pictures, laughed, stared at my ring, and ate dinner together to celebrate! What a night I will never forget and will always be so thankful for the experience, memories, but most importantly all the work put into it!

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