Ashlynn and Danny

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How We Met

I had just transferred home from being away at college. My whole family was at my Grandma & Grandpa’s house for Sunday dinner. My Aunt Patty cornered me and was asking if I was seeing anyone. I told her no, hoping she would drop the subject but that clearly did not work in my favor. She told me she had a friend from work who had a very cute son named Danny and she wanted to set me up with him. I told her to give me his name and I would check him out on Facebook before I made any decisions. I couldn’t go on a date with a total creeper! She told me he didn’t have a Facebook because he was trying to become a police officer. Well naturally I was curious, who doesn’t love a man in uniform?! I told her to get me a picture of him and we’ll see. Sure enough she whips out an envelope with a few pictures of him and I couldn’t believe how cute he was! So after looking at a few pictures of him I told her I would go home and get some pictures of me and I would give them to her. I had to makes sure he got good ones. Well she smirked a little and confessed that she took pictures from her house and gave them to his mom (her friend from work) already. Well as you can imagine I was not very happy with her. Thankfully she showed me the pictures she gave him and they were good (phew!). I told her she could give him my number and we would see what happens. As she jumped up and down in the kitchen she told me she already gave him my number (very optimistic wasn’t she?!) and that he would be calling me. Of course for the next few days I stared at my phone screen constantly waiting for him to text me.

Well two days later my phone rang while I was showering and it was Danny calling. He left me a really sweet voicemail saying he really wanted to take me out and to call him back. So after 20 minutes and I called him back and made up some lie that I was charging my phone and didn’t hear it ringing. I couldn’t tell him I was showering, that’d be weird! So we made a plan to go out that Saturday. I had no idea what we were going to do he said he wanted to surprise me with a fun date. I know, I know he’s so cute! So on February 4, 2012 he came and picked me up from my house. He took me to Dave and Buster’s and we played games and won some prizes. We then went to Cafe Baci for dinner, were we literally did not eat a thing because we were both so nervous. We were having such a good time laughing and talking that we decided to go and get coffee so we could talk more. Finally at 2 am we thought it was probably a good idea to bring me home so my parents didn’t have a heart attack at where I was lol! This is going to sound so clichè but it’s the honest truth. I walked in my house, shut the door and leaned against the door and said I am going to marry that man one day. The rest is history! Five years later we bought our first home together, are engaged and planning our picture perfect wedding. I am so excited to finally get to call the man of my dreams my husband!

how they asked

When you’re significant other is a police officer getting to do things on weekends is a rare occurrence. So when he has a weekend off we take full advantage. Danny finally had a weekend off and there was no overtime in sight! My friend Liz, who is his partner Rob’s wife, texted me asking if Danny and I wanted to go to the wineries on Saturday. The great thing about living on Long Island is the east end has tons of beautiful wineries. I suggested we went to Baiting Hollow Winery because they have beer there (Danny is not a big wine drinker, crazy I know!) and they also have beautiful horses, which is my favorite part. She agreed it sounded like a great plan and that she even convinced Rob to drive. This is a big deal for her and I because her and I always end up driving LOL ! Saturday morning rolls around and we are off to the wineries! The morning and drive were just as normal as any other day, I never would have guessed that I was going to have the biggest surprise of my life later on that day. We got to the winery, got our first tasting and were just sitting around one of the tables chatting. It was a gorgeous, fairly warm day for February.

Danny kept bugging me to go see the horses. Naturally I had to be stubborn and just wanted to sit there and drink wine. I kept saying we could see the horses later before we left. This was putting a wrench in his plan. Conversation was flowing and we were talking about planning a trip to Boston in May. My brother is graduating college in may so I said let me text my mom to find out what weekend that is so we don’t plan it on the same weekend. She was taking a really long time to answer back which is so unlike her. I open up the find friends app to see where she is and when Danny notices what I’m doing rips my phone out of my hands and gets so mad at me. “Ashlynn stop being rude, we are with our friends.

Get off your phone and put it away.” I was so confused at why he was so mad, all of us kept taking out phones out. Since I was not so willing to go see the horses right away and was about to ruin the whole plan by looking for my mom they decided they need to get me moving. There is a vodka bar right next door to the winery so we decided to go there. The guys go to close the tab and naturally the register breaks and our credit card is stuck inside. How Danny did not have a heart attack right then and there is beyond me. Finally we get our card back and decide to go see the horses before we leave. Liz very ordinarily says let me get a picture of you two in front of the stables. She takes a few pictures and I start walking to her so I could take a picture of her and Rob. As I start to walk away Danny grabs my hand and goes “ash wait one sec!” He pulls me closer and before I can process what’s going he drops down on one knee.

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I swear the entire world stopped in that moment. I kept saying “wait is this real?” “Omg are you serious!?” In the most god awful squeaky voice because I was just so shocked! After yelling yes! and leaping on him we were engaged!

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I turn around and Rob and Liz had taken pictures and filmed the whole thing. They gave us a few moments alone and I looked down at my finger at the most gorgeous engagement ring. It was exactly what I dreamed of. A round stone and diamonds all along the band. It was absolutely perfect! After taking a few moments alone we found Rob and Liz and decided to actually go to the vodka bar. We all needed a drink to calm our nerves! After having our drink I said we should probably call my parents and your parents. Danny said I have one more surprise.

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He said my parents, his parents and his sister and brother in law were all there for a mini engagement party! My brother was away at school so he could not be there. It was the perfect ending to the most perfect day. Danny couldn’t have picked a better day either, it was the five year anniversary of our first date! We spent the rest of our night celebrating with our families and calling everyone with the news! I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. November 9, 2018 cannot come soon enough!

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