Ashlyn and Kasey

Where to Propose in Havana, Cuba

How We Met

It all began in 2011, high school Chemistry class. Kasey and I became friends and eventually exchanged phone numbers. When our teacher allowed us to pick our own seats one day, I asked Kasey to sit next to me. For a while, we were friends, but after much persistence from Kasey our friendship grew to much more. We began spending a lot more time together and I realized not long after that he meant so much more to me than just a friend. Our first date night was one of my favorites, we went to the movies and saw The Lucky One. One day we went to have lunch at Panera where Kasey asked me to be his girlfriend; June 10, 2013 started it all and the rest was history.

How They Asked

Kasey & I planned a cruise to Cuba for his birthday. Before embarking the ship, Kasey told me he booked a private tour with a photographer while we were in Cuba to show us around the city and requested I bring a nice dress so we could do photos for his birthday. Upon arrival in Cuba, the captain was having issues with clearance to get everyone off the boat and this delayed our exit making us late to our meet-up spot with the photographer. When we finally got off the ship, the photographer was gone.

Proposal Ideas Havana, Cuba

We had no cell service and had no way to get a hold of the photographer. Kasey tried borrowing a phone from a local but was unable to reach the photographer. After I got impatient, Kasey agreed to book a different tour. A few hours of touring the beautiful city in the heat, I was ready to get back on the boat. Kasey then suggested we go see the Havana Cathedral, there he propped up our camera on a tripod and told me he set the camera on a timer to take a photo but he actually had it on video. He got down on one knee and popped the question and I said yes!