Ashlyn and John

How We Met

We met a few years ago,on holiday in Cyprus. We were both at the pool by the hotel, and I had been stuffing my face with gourmet burgers, rich desserts and HUGE fruit smoothies. It must have totalled about £50 or something. Anyway, when I asked the waiter guy for my bill, he said it had already been paid, by an extremely handsome man who was sitting on a deckchair in the corner. I went up to him to thank him, and I ended up giving him my number. We saw each other every day for the rest of the holiday, and, at the end of it, we discovered that we only lived 15 miles away from each other. We were the happiest couple you could ever imagine.

how they asked

It was a regular Saturday night, and we’d gone for a meal at our favourite resteraunt. It was a small place where they did amazing steaks, and we both stuffed ourselves with the incredible food. Then we went for a walk at our favourite place ever, Maiden castle. We climbed right to the top, and sat on the hillside, watching the sunset. I was just sitting there, snuggled up next to him, when something caught my eye. A red rose petal, blowing in the wind. I mentioned it to John, and he said, why don’t we follow it? That was when I saw it, a trail of petals leading round the hillside and up to the top of the hill. It lead us to the Roman chapel ruins, and there I saw a piece of paper. It said, quite simply, turn around, and there was John, down on one knee, with the most amazing ring you could ever see. He said, softly, Ashlyn, ever since I saw you, I knew this day would come, you’re sweet, kind funny and beautiful, and for those reasons, will you marry me?

And of course, I said yes!!