Ashlyn and Jason

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mike's Ppace in Conway, AR

How We Met

Jason and I met way back in middle school when we both attended the same church camp. Fast forward to my senior year of high school, and we reconnected through mutual friends on spring break. A month passed and my date for prom bailed at the last minute, and I asked Jason to go with me and he said yes! We both didn’t think anything of it and told my family that we were “just friends” while taking pictures. Little did we know, exactly 4 years later he would be getting down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him! Oh, how I wish we would have taken those pictures more seriously!

How They Asked

In April of this year marked four wonderful, blissful years with my soulmate. A few months before we were scheming how we would celebrate and I thought it would be perfect for us to go to our first date restaurant, as we hadn’t been there since then! Time passed and a week before, he sent me to the nail salon with my best friend Faith (my MOH) for a treat yourself a day, and he made me think it was her idea for us to go!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mike's Ppace in Conway, AR

Our anniversary came, and I got all dolled up for dinner, thinking it was just going to be another amazing celebration with the love of my life! About an hour into dinner, he excuses himself to go to the restroom, and when he came back, he walked around the corner and dropped to his knee and said what all girls dream of hearing their entire lives!!

As soon as he went down, a man in the corner jumped out of his booth and captured the whole thing! He asked my father for my hand a week before, and proposed with his mother’s ring that has resided on her finger for the last ten years!