Ashlyn and Jacob

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how they asked

Jacob and I had just celebrated our two year anniversary a week before. But today was our final walkthrough for our first house together. He invited both our parents to come with which I wondered why at the time, haha but was like ok! They want to see our house. It was actually freezing that day which isn’t uncommon in Wisconsin but it was snowing as well.

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We were doing the walkthrough and we saw the “Sold” sign inside. We thought let’s take a photo out front on the porch with the sign so I thought! Our parents were taking pictures and my mom said: “ok I’m taking a video!” Jacob put the sign down and I said: “aren’t you excited?!” He said “yes…with us starting our life in this house. Ashlyn Amily will you marry me?” Complete and utter shock and happiness take over me. So happy! And the sweetest surprise! Can’t wait for this future together!

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