Ashlyn and Donnie

How We Met

Ashlyn and Donnie met via Ashlyn had not created an account, but instead found Donnie’s profile and decided to message him on Facebook. She wasn’t interested in talking to anyone else when she found Donnie. Something in her gut knew it would turn into something special. Ashlyn and Donnie are grateful that Match brought them together because due to initially living an hour apart, they probably wouldn’t have crossed paths otherwise. They now laugh when those commercials come on tv because they’ll soon be part of the success statistics.

how they asked

Ashlyn works in social media and is often traveling to review hotels which means that her phone is always on her ready to take photos. She was offered an opportunity to work with a beach hotel on July 4th weekend 2017.

Ashlyn went into the weekend thinking she would be working and celebrating her and Donnie’s upcoming 1 year anniversary. on July 1st, the two started the day with breakfast and taking some photos for Ashlyn’s partnership with the hotel. Afterward, they decided to go spend some time on the beach. They had been on the beach for about 45mins when Donnie turned to Ashlyn and said “I have an idea for a picture. Why don’t you go down into the water and walk toward me and I’ll take photos for your Instagram?” Ashlyn was hesitant at first, but she decided to hand Donnie her phone and go to the water. As she turned around and started walking toward him, she realized what was happening. Donnie was down on one knee and wasn’t taking her photos- he was recording a video.

He proposed to Ashlyn with the phone still recording and was able to capture it on video. Donnie knew it was always Ashlyn’s wish to somehow capture that moment, but she never wanted to spoil the surprise or take away from the moment. An added bonus of the proposal on a beach in the daytime was that a bystander noticed what was going on and also took some photos from afar. Ashlyn and Donnie were blessed to have this special moment documented.

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